Remedial and Stimulation

Lower risk, boost effectiveness of remediation and stimulation operations

Our systems and services for hydraulic fracturing, matrix stimulation treatments and other remedial operations reflect nearly a century of advances, refinement, and experience.

When you have to re-enter a well, for whatever the reason, rely on us to perform the job with the lowest risk and best outcome.

No other company comes close to the range of tools, systems, services, and experience that we can apply to create an ideal solution to your remediation challenges.


Compression-Set Packers

Compression-set service packers and accessories are used worldwide in many types of squeeze-cementing, formation fracturing, and high pressure acidizing with testing operations.


Control Valves and Surge Valves

Control valves are used for tasks like controlling flow-back in the workstring while running and pulling a retrievable service packer, or controlling tubing-to-annular flow.


Drillable Bridge Plugs

Versatile and dependable bridge plugs are ideal for applications ranging from multiple zone isolation to major plug-and-abandonment campaigns.


Drillable Cement Retainers

Drillable cement retainers provide a fail-safe barrier for plug-and-abandonment projects and many types of pressure-pumping applications.


General Remedial

Our general remedial equipment consists of many types of casing cleanup tools, rod-pumping tools, and other tools like cementing manifolds, swivels, and locators.


Heavy-Duty Compression-Set Packers

Versatile, heavy-duty compression-set service packers can be used as hurricane plugs or run in a liner hanger hookup for one-trip liner-top testing and squeezing.


Retrievable Bridge Plugs

Reliable, versatile, retrievable bridge plugs are ideal for many types of pressure-pumping operations where a secure, retrievable pressure barrier is essential.


Setting Tools and Wireline Accessories

Our mix of tools and accessories offers you more running options for well remediation operations so you can pick the most effective and affordable deployment method.


Tension Set Service Packers

Tension-set service packers are ideal for pressure pumping operations where weight is limited. Our full-opening service packers can be set at any depth in the wellbore.


STONE WALL V0-Rated Well Barriers

STONE WALL™ V0-rated well barriers deliver reliable, gas-tight mechanical wellbore isolation to ensure total well control, enable safe operations, and protect the environment.

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