Compression-Set Packers

Maximize remedial operation effectiveness

Our compression-set service packers and accessories are used worldwide in many types of squeeze-cementing, formation fracturing, and high pressure acidizing with testing operations. We offer several types of full-opening, set-down squeeze packers that will maximize the effectiveness of your remedial operations.

Our Retrievamatic™ heavy-duty service packer is a high-pressure version of the standard size 43 Model EA Retrievamatic service packer. Two balance sleeves help maintain setting force to keep the tool engaged during high-pressure pumping operations from below. The full opening allows passage of wireline-conveyed equipment, and a large bypass area permits circulation around and through the tool. It releases easily and dependably and equalizes completely with straight pick-up of the workstring. Hold-down buttons maintain pack-off during high-pressure operations from below.

The Retrievamatic Model EA service packer is used for all types of squeeze cementing, casing testing, formation fracturing, and high-pressure acidizing with subsequent testing. This proven tool is a full-opening, set-down service packer with piston-type hold-down buttons. It's actuated by pressure from below the tool and a three-piece packing element configuration. A large bypass area permits circulation around and through the tool. Hold-down buttons maintain packoff during high-pressure operations from below. Rocker-type slips set with only a 3/4 turn, with a straight pickup to retrieve. The tool eliminates the need for mechanical locks and rotation.

Our Retrievamatic II service packer is used for all types of squeeze-cementing, casing testing, formation fracturing and high-pressure acidizing with subsequent testing. It retains the industry-proven advantages of the EA Retrievamatic, while incorporating improvements that enhance performance and lower maintenance costs. This version of the Retrievamatic service packer is available in rocker or dove tail slips as required for certain well conditions.

The P-2 set-down unloading sub equalizes tubing-annulus pressure when using a set-down service packer. A face-type seal prevents communication between the tubing and annulus when the sub is in the closed position. The sub is held open or closed by collet fingers. This sub is pressure-balanced. That means the normal set-down weight required for operation run below the sub is sufficient to maintain the closed position when run with the proper size tubing.

Our Model S full-bore tubing tester is used to pressure test the tubing string for leaks. Primarily for use with Retrievamatic service packers, the Model S tester can be used with any retrievable set-down packer or cementer that is compatible with its operation.