Control Valves and Surge Valves

Improve downhole flow control reliability, achieve cleaner perforations

Our control valves regulate flowback in the work string while running and pulling a retrievable service packer assembly. They also control tubing-to-annular flow for circulating and equalizing, and shut-in the wellbore below a retrievable service packer. Surge valves create an instantaneous surge on the perforations for debris and emulsion cleanup.

The Model E tubing control valve is a full-opening valve used above a Retrievamatic™ service packer. It typically isolates a zone from tubing hydrostatic pressure after squeeze-cementing in a low fluid-level well. The valve opens with right-hand rotation of the workstring, moving the valve from the fully-open to the fully-closed position. Opening and closing the valve can be repeated as often as desired.

Our Model F test and stimulation valve is used with a Retrievamatic-style service packer for creating sudden, high-velocity flow from the formation through the perforations into the tubing. It is a rotationally actuated, quick-opening, full-bore valve. It clears plugged perforations and removes blocking agents in the vicinity of the wellbore. The valve can also be used to dry-test perforated, cemented-off intervals; lower injection pressures in water injection wells by clearing blocked flow passages and perforations; remove mud filtrate prior to an acidizing job; and test a zone without swabbing.

The Model A back pressure valve provides a means of controlling backflow when either running or pulling a workstring. Depending on the fluid in the wellbore, it can eliminate fire and safety hazards. The Model A valve is primarily used with a full-bore retrievable service packer and retrievable bridge plug, or a Retrievamatic-style service packer and retrievable bridge plug. These configurations are used to control backflow when moving from one treated zone to straddle a new zone. The flapper valve can be locked in the open position for swabbing of flow testing.

Our pressure-actuated stimulation valve is used for any operation that the Model F test and stimulation valve is used for, provided it is possible to pressure the annulus. The valve is actuated by pressure applied to the annulus. This feature makes it especially applicable to operations involving deep or deviated holes where rotation of the tubing or drillpipe is difficult.