BRIMSTONE Well Barrier

Isolate zones or plug and abandon wells in HPHT conditions
The Baker Hughes BRIMSTONE™ well barrier is a high-performance drillable bridge plug that is commonly used for zonal isolation during stimulation or cementing jobs, or for temporary and permanent well abandonments. It is ISO 14310 V0-rated and capable of withstanding 25,000 psi (1723.6 bar) differential pressure at 500°F (260°C). This rating confirms the barrier’s reliability and performance in harsh, high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environments.

The BRIMSTONE well barrier can be quickly and accurately deployed on wireline or coiled tubing set for flexible deployment and operations. It includes an anti-rotation mechanism that increases removal efficiency, saving time and material waste. The BRIMSTONE barrier is manufactured of carbon steel and can be removed using Baker Hughes Advanced Milling Technology™ (AMT™) cutting structures.


  • Zonal isolation during stimulation or cementing
  • Isolation of shoe track
  • Temporary or permanent well abandonment
  • HPHT environments

Drillable Bridge Plugs

Versatile and dependable bridge plugs are ideal for applications ranging from multiple zone isolation to major plug-and-abandonment campaigns.

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