Heavy-Duty Compression-Set Packers

Complete temporary shutdowns faster with versatile, heavy-duty packers

Our heavy-duty compression-set service packers can be used as hurricane plugs or run in a liner hanger hookup for one-trip liner-top testing and squeezing. They are ideal for reliable and effective temporary well shutdown, catastrophic rig abandonment, and surface isolation for blowout preventer service repair or replacement.

Our Model J Retrievamatic™ service packer is run in the liner string above the liner hanger. It allows the liner to be set and the liner top to be tested and squeezed immediately following primary cementing operations. The Model J Retrievamatic packer runs with hydraulic and mechanical set liner hangers. It has a J-shaped control slot in the bottom of the tool that automatically repositions the tool to the run-in position when the workstring is picked up. No rotation of the tool is required to go back downhole.

The Model L Retrievamatic service packer is suitable for hurricane plug applications and any remedial operation. The Model L Retrievamatic packer has an L-shaped control slot in the bottom of the tool that requires no rotation to reset when moving uphole. However, it does require rotation to reposition the tool back to the run-in position. This configuration is desirable to pick up and remain in the “ready to set” position.

Our ASAP surface isolation system combines our Retrievamatic service packer and rotational equalizing sub with a hydraulic disconnect tool to provide a quick, one-trip method of disconnecting the running string while safely holding the remaining workstring in the wellbore. One-trip multiple disconnect and reconnect capability saves time and money. The hydraulic disconnect tool releases the Retrievamatic service packer and rotational equalizing sub and leaves the majority of the workstring in the wellbore. There is no need to pull the workstring prior to an emergency rig abandonment or temporary surface isolation.

The Model B Retrievamatic™ service packer is suitable for multiple remedial applications. When used as a hurricane plug there are multiple choices of hookup, depending on well configuration and weather conditions. It permits circulation around and through the tool and eliminates the need for mechanical locks and rotation. Hold-down buttons maintain packoff during high-pressure pumping operations from below. Rocker slips set with a 3/4 turn, with a straight pick-up of the workstring to retrieve. The tool is set with right-hand or left-hand rotation depending on the applications and accessory equipment. Packoff weight can be applied from above or by using pipe weight from below.