Tension Set Service Packers

Improve reliability in weight-limited pressure pumping operations

Our tension-set service packers are ideal for pressure pumping operations where weight is limited. Our full-opening service packers can be set at any depth in the wellbore. These tools offer the most reliable performance available for weight-limited pressure pumping. Our portfolio includes packers that fit many types of remedial operations.

The Model C-1™ and Model C-2 full bore service packers are used for squeeze cementing, casing testing, formation fracturing, and high-pressure acidizing with subsequent testing. Opposing rocker-type slips enable the packer to remain packed off during pressure reversals, holding against pressure from above and below. It allows circulation with upper slips set, packing off when the workstring is raised and tension applied.

Our Model CT tension set service packer provides a compact, economical, retrievable packer for use in coiled tubing operations and other situations where rotary motion of the workstring is not possible. The Model CT packer is ideal for many types of remedial operations, including acid stimulation, pressure fracturing, and secondary squeeze-cementing. It is a modified version of the AD-1 tension packer that allows the packer to be set and released with only axial movement (up and down) of the workstring.

The Model N full bore tubing tester closes off the tubing string and provides a means for pressure testing the workstring. The tester is run above the full-bore service packer and Model R-2 upstrain unloading sub. The flapper valve in the tester is closed with a combination of right-hand rotation and set-down weight.

Our Model R-2 upstrain unloading sub equalizes tubing and annulus pressure above the full bore service packer. The sub has a face seal unloader that closes when tension is applied and opens with set-down weight. The sub can run in either the open or closed position and can be opened and closed as many times as necessary. Torque is transmitted through the sub by a key. The Model R-2 sub unloads pressure from either direction and is easy to operate.