Vera Verdree, Research Scientist

I’ve been at Baker Hughes for around two years now. I joined them directly after having completed my PhD in Chemistry at Louisiana State University.

I work as a Research Scientist which, basically, involves identifying and developing new ways of solving customers’ issues. This means my work could include anything from developing methods and test procedures to indentifying oilfield problems. It’s my job to come up with a solution.

Communication and teamwork are really important here at Baker Hughes. I work alongside some very talented, experienced professionals and having the opportunity to network and brainstorm with them is incredibly engaging and rewarding. It also means I’ve learned a great deal in a very short space of time. And this can only be a good thing for my personal and professional development.

We’re all about sharing information and pooling our knowledge. And by we I mean myself, the teams of scientists and chemical engineers I work with, and the client. It’s vital we all work together effectively if we’re going to deliver for the client. So, when we’re presented with a problem to solve, we sit down together to brainstorm and get invaluable input from experienced people who work out in the field. When we’re done and satisfied we have the best possible solution, we communicate this to the client.

I like the fact that Baker Hughes offers such a dynamic, varied environment. I’m not always just stuck in the lab focused on one thing. There’s always something new to challenge and stretch me. Things are always changing, always different so this helps to keep things fresh and engaging.

Being assigned a mentor has been hugely helpful. They taught me that it’s really important to network here and make the most of the experience of those around me and how to get things done quickly.

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