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With 60+ years as a leader in neutron and gamma radiation detection technologies, Reuter-Stokes innovates, designs and manufactures state of the art radiation detectors for applications ranging from reactor monitoring and security to material science research and space exploration.

Our products are:

  • Customizable to meet your project’s performance requirements: Our experience with unique materials and manufacturing design enables us to deliver exactly what you need.
  • Built to drive your project’s success: Leveraging a proven methodology, we build our equipment to minimize false alarms that cause delays.
  • Manufactured to last: With a proven track record of the most reliable detectors in the market, you can accomplish more between equipment downtime.
  • Readily available: Our modular designs, strategic sourcing and supply chain strength enable us to meet your project timelines.
  • Gas gain matching: Our advanced manufacturing allows us to match the exact performance of any 3He proportional counter, regardless of age. This revolutionary process helps save you time and money.

We combine our technology and customization expertise with fast responses to your questions, enabling us to be the partner you need for successful radiation monitoring and measurement.

Find the Right Radiation Measurement Devices and Monitoring Solutions

Homeland Security and Safeguards

Neutron and gamma detectors for Homeland Security applications including Radiation Portal Monitoring, Spent Fuel Measurements, Nuclear Safeguards and Mobile Radiation Detection Equipment.

3he detector 8 pack 5 units

  • 3He filled neutron proportional counters
  • 10B neutron detectors
  • Fission counters and ion chambers


Neutron Scattering

High-efficiency neutron detection with high-speed electronics in all-vacuum, partial-vacuum and non-vacuum applications — plus fast and accurate data acquisition capabilities for timestamping and processing neutron events.

  • Position sensitive 3He detectors
  • Custom designed detector arrays
  • NeuAcq™ data acquisition system


Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Detect low-level gamma-ray radiation in any environment. Our one-size-fits-all solution with its unique configuration capabilities allows you to measure low-level gamma with the least amount of uncertainty while retaining high-level gamma measurement capability — a combination only Reuter-Stokes can offer.

  • RSDetection™ environmental monitor


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Webinar: Neutron Detectors for Homeland Security

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