Introduction Industrial System Upgrades

System Upgrades for X-ray and CT Systems

Upgrade your X-ray system for more features, faster inspections, improved image quality and increased reliability

Get the most out of your system with our wide range of hardware upgrades! Expand your inspection capabilities by adding new components to your machine, from the latest detector and generator technologies to state-of-the-art metrology solutions.

Extended inspection capability starts here 

As a technology leader in the industrial computed tomography (CT) market, we are constantly developing new features to improve the quality of results at higher throughput rates. Explore our wide range of hardware CT scan upgrades for faster, more reliable and higher quality images.

We have unique upgrades tailored to a wide range of use cases. Our modules improve the process and image quality when scanning large or highly absorbing parts. They also help reduce the beam hardening artefacts that occur with multi-materials, for example. 

The 300kV Maintenance Free Connector

Elevate your Radiography & CT scanning systems with our latest feature enhancement: the Maintenance Free Connector featuring flat connectors on both the tube and generator ends. Engineered to deliver unparalleled reliability, this cutting-edge innovation is set to transform the landscape of Microfocus CT. Benefit from extended service intervals, minimizing the need for maintenance interventions and resulting in decreased service-related interruptions. Bid farewell to prolonged system downtimes, thanks to the remarkably dependable connection this feature offers. Experience a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership, solidifying this advancement as a cornerstone of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This new feature is protected by a patent, reinforcing its uniqueness and making it a game-changer in the world of Radiography & CT scanning systems. 

  • Elevate stability and dependability, especially in Microfocus CT scenarios.  

  • Extended service cycle and reduced service interactions minimize downtime. 

  • 5 additional days of operation per unit per year, along with over 33% reduced downtime costs, optimizing operational resources. 

Two types of upgrade packages are available: 

  1. The tube insert & cable with a flat and cone connector, which will replace the existing connection between tube and generator. 

  1. The tube insert & cable with a flat connector at both sides, and a new generator, which will replace the existing connection between tube and generator and the generator itself. 

Available Industrial CT Upgrade Features
Acquisition PC

Get updated computer with latest OS

Reconstruction PC

Increase your computing power with latest OS

Detector Dynamic 41|100

For faster Inspections, increased image quality

Detector Dynamic 41|200

For improved CT inspection throughput

Detector DXR S100 Pro

Increased image quality, larger inspection area

Titan|neo HP Generators

Latest technology, easy maintenance

Metrology 2.0

Access state of the art metrology solutions


For up to 2 times faster microCT scans or doubled resolution


Helps to significantly enhance productivity


Increase productivity for batch inspections

True|position / Ruby|plate

Measuring with specified VDI 2630 accuracy at all positions

Dual|tube Option

Increase your application range to the next level with a second X-ray tube

CT Option

Get CT functionality on your 2D System

Long life filament
Lifetime Solutions
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Learn more about our Dynamic 41|100 detectors
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Learn more about datos|x
Learn more about our Dynamic 41|200 detectors
Learn more about our Dynamic 41|200 detectors
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Learn more about X|act
Test new Software Features
Test new Software Features

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