For over 20 years, Druck sensors have been trusted by the World’s global airline manufacturers to measure pressure in critical on-aircraft applications such as landing gear and hydraulics measurement, engine control and fuel-management.

These sensors operate in demanding environments, which see extreme temperature, humidity and pressure changes and enable the aircraft to perform efficiently and safely.


Whether deep on the seabed in the Gulf of Mexico measuring hydrocarbon pressures and temperatures flowing through the subsea trees and manifolds or mounted on surface production equipment on an offshore-platform in the middle of the North Sea, it is in these restrictive operating conditions and harsh environments that our sensors continue to provide reliable and trusted measurement year after year


Leading motorsport teams, including those in Formula 1, Moto GP and Indycar, have used Druck’s pressure sensors for many years due to the performance and reliability which our sensors provide, which is of paramount importance in the motorsport arena. We are able to provide sensors which meet the demands of the size, weight and material constraints required by the teams for a variety of applications and fluids including fuels, oils, coolant and hydraulic system pressures, in demanding environments with high temperatures and vibration levels

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High-accuracy Pressure Sensors