Reliable and robust zonal isolation is critical to keeping your downhole casing protected from corrosive fluids that may shorten its operating life. Simultaneous cement and casing evaluation services from Baker Hughes let you evaluate the integrity of the well at every stage of its producing lifecycle.


Accurate, efficient evaluation

Get accurate data for making critical decisions impacting well integrity, in less time, by deploying our high-definition evaluation services.

  • The Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service uses patented electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) sensor technology to accurately measure across the widest range of cement weights in the industry. Weights as low as 7 ppg can be evaluated, making the service ideal for measuring contaminated, lightweight, foam cement slurries, and modified cements in deepwater wells.
  • The Ultrasonic Isolation eXplorer™ (ULTeX™) service delivers ultrasonic pulse echo casing and cement evaluation. Employing a rotating transducer for 360-degree assessments, the service delivers high-resolution measurements of cement channels as narrow as 1.2 inches and detects casing problems including drill wear, ovality, and corrosion.

Together, these services give you the most comprehensive annular zonal isolation measurements possible—and all in one downhole run.

This comprehensive offering improves your well integrity management planning in several critical ways.

Catch potential isolation problems early. Ensure ongoing compliance with well integrity regulations by evaluating defects in your cement and casing before more serious problems such as leaks or loss of zonal isolation occurs

Save time and lower costs. Make accurate measurements on a full range of cement and casing evaluation parameters with tools run in the same trip downhole

Improve your remedial operations planning. Accurately determine the severity of a potential integrity problem to better plan your remedial cement squeeze or casing repair

Contact us to learn how our simultaneous cement and casing evaluation services can give you in-depth insights to the integrity of your cement and casing string.


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