Although installing LELs into wellbores is a simple way to allow acid delivery and subsequent production, getting them to bottom in extended-reach wells can be extremely challenging. Insufficient weight above the completion and friction between the pipe and the wellbore can cause liners to get stuck and fall short of total depth (TD).

The EQUALIZER JET™ stimulation flow control device (FCD) accelerates liner deployment and delivers precise, high-velocity acid treatments across long lateral wellbores, reducing OPEX and maximizing reservoir stimulation in carbonate formations. Using a unique multitasking valve (MTV) that controls communication through the string, the FCD circulates liners to bottom in 50% less time than the standard deployment method for limited-entry-liners (LELs), or liners with holes drilled in them. And high-performance jet nozzles incorporated into the MTV ensure uniform treatments—regardless of varying permeability throughout the pay zone.

Contact us to learn more about how our EQUALIZER JET FCD can accelerate liner deployment and maximize reservoir stimulation in your next acidizing application.


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