The EQUALIZER SELECT™ inflow and injection control device (ICD) features a unique tortuous path geometry that equalizes flow across the lateral to enhance production and to improve recovery—with no interaction from surface.

Ideal for applications where water coning is expected, the AICD automatically adjusts the pressure drop to delay water breakthrough and to restrict water production post-breakthrough. As fluid flows through the device’s series of staggered flow chambers, pressure is gradually reduced based on the fluid’s momentum and properties. This creates a dynamic choking effect that minimizes the production of higher density fluids such as water.

The EQUALIZER SELECT ICD is fully compatible with a broad range of Baker Hughes completion solutions—such as sand control screens, multitasking valves, sliding sleeves, and intelligent production systems—to further optimize long-term production.

Contact us to find out more about the EQUALIZER SELECT ICD and how it can help enhance production and improve recovery.

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