Bring your well back to profitable production with chemical remediation solutions from Baker Hughes. Whether your near wellbore is facing organic or inorganic deposits, emulsion blocks, wettability changes, or water block, our proven remediation systems effectively remove the damage mechanism to significantly enhance your well’s production.

Chemical remediation solutions from our RESTORE™ wellbore remediation program are proven to efficiently batch treat and clean the near-wellbore area, reduce the likelihood of failures, increase injectivity, and boost production.


Get a comprehensive remediation solution from start to finish

Working with us, you’ll get a full-service solution that begins with a detailed well damage diagnosis based on your well’s production history, number and types of workovers, and formation mineralogy and porosity. Our application experts use this information to screen various remediation chemistries using your own water, crude, and solid samples. The result: an optimized remediation solution that keeps your wellbore free from blockages and significantly raises your long-term production rates.

Contact us today to learn how our chemical remediation solutions can bring your new wells to new levels of production and profitability.

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