To make informed decisions and optimize your drilling operation, you need real-time access to high-definition downhole data. Telemetry services from Baker Hughes reliably transmit large volumes of data from downhole logging tools, giving you detailed insights that improve your decision making.


Reliable, high-speed data transfer

Whether you’re drilling extended-reach wells in unconventional shale plays, deepwater exploration wells, or onshore wells, our telemetry solutions that can improve the speed and accuracy of your operation.

Improve measurement-while-drilling (MWD) efficiency with the Baker Hughes NaviTrak™ UT directional and gamma MWD service and aXcelerate™ high-speed mud-pulse telemetry service. When combined with our range of measure-while-drilling (MWD) and logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools, both services quickly transmit large amounts of data to surface—thus enabling you to guide your drilling operations to get to target efficiently, accurately, and safely.

When your drilling operations require accurate downhole pressure data, the Baker Hughes AccuFIT™ real-time flow-off pressure data service delivers an efficient solution. Use the high-resolution flow-off pressure data from leak-off testing and formation integrity testing to verify the integrity of the cement and casing against hydraulic pressure during drilling—thus avoiding mud circulation losses or other well control hazards.

Baker Hughes telemetry services provide a wealth of information to optimize your drilling operations in several key ways.

  • Ensure accurate wellbore placement. Use the real-time data transfer of our systems to quickly verify your drilling course, and make corrections as needed to keep the wellbore directed to your target zone
  • Minimize downtime. Optimize your data transfer with systems that simultaneously transmit data via electromagnetic (EM) or mud-pulse (MP) telemetry
  • Avoid waiting at the rig. Deploy telemetry tools with compact, easy-to-handle tool bodies and bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) built in the workshop, which means never having to wait for tool builds on the rig site
  • Drill smarter and safer. Get greater certainty of the pressure conditions in your wellbore while drilling to minimize the risks of kicks, losses, or a major loss of wellbore integrity

Contact us to learn how our telemetry services can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your next drilling operation.

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Telemetry services

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