• Get comprehensive well integrity evaluation
  • Quickly acquire high-resolution views of well integrity
  • Reduce emergency interventions and production disruptions

  • Preventive well integrity monitoring
  • Evaluation of suspected well integrity issues
  • Casing patches and other downhole restrictions



Any small defect in your casing or completion equipment can potentially be costly—whether you endure production losses or increases in non-productive time and rig-time, or both. Quick detection of any well integrity issue is key in preventing such losses.

The Baker Hughes Insignia™ well integrity evaluation service delivers a high resolution, comprehensive assessment of your well’s integrity to prevent costly emergency interventions and unnecessary production disruptions.

The Insignia well integrity evaluation service combines a series of custom engineered services to reliably help you determine if an intervention is required, including:

  • High-speed logging provides critical data at the well site in less than one-sixth of the time compared to other characterization services, allowing you to make critical decisions faster.
  • Multi-axial sensor technology accurately locates and evaluates any defects in the casing, even differentiating between casing corrosion and well completion equipment.
  • Accelerometers deliver an accurate measurement of the orientation of the cement and casing evaluation data, while also providing the burst pressure.
  • High-resolution casing inspection data affords an accurate determination of the quality of your cement job.

With these tools, the Insignia service presents a 360° map that provides easily interpretable well integrity data. Unlike conventional well integrity evaluation tools, the Insignia service implements proprietary pad-mounted sensors resistant to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, dense muds, emulsions, and temperature/pressure variations. The robust pad design allows deployment in highly deviated and tortuous wells.

Discover how Insignia well integrity evaluation service can help you monitor well integrity and maximize your well life.

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