Simplify production and maximize ROI.

Download this overview to see how you use machine learning to increase production rates by 10%. 




  • Optimizes production
  • Simplifies production engineering
  • Minimizes production-related costs

  • Onshore/offshore and unconventional wells
  • Gas lift



Automatically and efficiently optimizes gas injection rates to keep your well producing at peak performance

Whether your goal is to improve your production flow, simplify production management or maximize the return-on-investment of your production-related operational expenses (OPEX), the Baker Hughes Intelligent Gas Lift Optimization system can help you achieve your production goals efficiently and predictably. This surface system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically determine and adjust the optimum gas injection rate over time using readily available, real-time data at the wellsite.

The system collects well data from a variety of existing sources including flow meters and tank level measurements. Then the system calculates the optimum injection rate and adjusts control valves and/or the compressor to either maximize the well’s financial return or its production rate. This edge-based computing, delivered via either the controller or an industrial PC, provides faster and more precise adjustments than are possible using with manual monitoring and optimization methods.

The results of this intelligent, adaptive production system include:

  • Optimized production flow: By constantly adapting to changes in the well’s production profile, the system has proven its ability to boost production rates by up to 10% versus traditional gas lift optimization techniques.
  • Simplified production management: Implementing this “set it and forget it” approach can significantly lower the manhours associated with current gas lift systems by eliminating unnecessary well tests and wellsite system checks and minimizing data analysis and engineering times.
  • Improved well economics: Continuously optimizing gas lift injection rates reduces OPEX associated with field personnel, surface hardware and power costs. It can also lower capital expenditures by permitting streamlined surface facilities.

The data captured by the Intelligent Gas Lift Optimization system can also be used to proactively monitor and diagnose compressor or well issues— minimizing production interruptions and lowering maintenance costs.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative today to learn more about how our Intelligent Gas Lift Optimization system can be configured to maximize your well’s production or your profits.

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