• Deploy well monitoring tools with high precision and efficiency
  • Ensure reliable chemical delivery to protect tubulars and reduce interventions caused by scale, corrosion, and paraffin
  • Maximize lift efficiency and extend production with precise downhole pump placement

  • Pressure testing downhole toolkits
  • Well monitoring and analytics
  • Downhole pumps and chemical injection



Baker Hughes spooling services give you assured solutions for deploying downhole instrumentation and monitoring systems—with low risk and high reliability. Work with our spooling specialists to efficiently deploy your permanent downhole gauges and lift and injection pumps—in less time and at lower cost.

Over the course of the last five decades, we have installed more than 10,000 permanent monitoring gauges and typically install between 600 and 800 permanent gauges per year. You can rely on our application expertise to reliably deploy your downhole monitoring tools—safely, securely, and cost effectively—and ensure access to real-time, continuous downhole information for the life of your asset.

Our market-leading position in monitoring systems is aided by our ongoing advancements in spooling and deployment services and equipment.

  • Efficiently deploy and retrieve monitoring control lines and tubing encapsulated conductors (TECs) with our spooler units. The units are air operated by rig supply, which allow you to adjust tension on the cable via an air regulator while running in hole for ease of installation. You can monitor the spool, continuously and in real time, by deploying a slip ring that connects to surface equipment located in a safe area.
  • Ensure uniform and simultaneous deployment of your TEC and hydraulic control line with our sheave wheels. The sheave is designed for safety, with guide pins that prevent cable from being ejected from the sheave if slack develops in the line during deployment or retrieval. And to make the most of a single hanging point, a spreader beam can be installed to facilitate installation of up to four sheaves in the derrick.
  • Deploy a wide range of pumping equipment, depending on your downhole needs. From NAS units to chemical injection pumps to HPU pumps, we provide pumping solutions that optimize your production rates and ensure downhole asset integrity for the long term.
  • Protect your lines from damage caused by the well completion process and the dynamic motion of production tubing in the well bore with our clamping tools. Available in hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual actuation options, our clamps are designed to run 25,000 m with no evident wear on fasteners or structural weakening and can support a line weight of 200 kg without slippage.
  • Reliably test necessary components and seals during the installation process with our pressure test kits. The kits include pressure transducers, pressure test fittings, an integral hydraulic pump, and chart recorders. You can quickly and accurately test a range of equipment, including the permanent monitoring gauge-to-gauge carrier, gauge cable head, cable splice and wellhead outlet, subsurface safety valve, and chemical or hydraulic control line fittings.
  • Ensure the successful deployment of your well monitoring systems and cables with our range of installation and meter tool kits. Our kits include hand tools, safety equipment, torque wrenches, multimeters, power supply, fittings, splicers, and deck cables and connectors—everything you need to efficiently deploy and install your fiber optics systems, SureSENS quartz-based pressure/temperature gauge, SureVIEW fiber optic wellhead outlet, and other downhole monitoring accessories.
  • Protect your equipment and personnel from harsh environmental conditions with our full range of field containers. Our lab cabins and trailers let your field crews monitor downhole pressure and temperature in a safe, climate-controlled area. And our job boxes, baskets, and protector boxes keep your equipment safe and contaminant-free to ensure optimal, reliable operation when you need it.

Our full range of services are available for rental at competitive rates. We regularly maintain our equipment to ensure you get the safest, most efficient, and reliable spooling operations in your wells—allowing you to get back into production quickly.

Contact us to learn how our spooling services can help optimize your downhole equipment installations.

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