• Predict ESP failures ahead in time to plan for workover
  • Predict damage events, possible cause of failure to take remedial action to extend ESP life
  • Predict remaining useful life (RUL) based on field average and AI driven failure prediction

  • ESP failure and RUL prediction
  • Damage event prediction
  • Possible failure case prediction

  • ESP
  • Other artificial lifts - Rod pump, PCP
  • Other oil field electrical equipment



Maximize the performance and run life of your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems with the Advanced Predictive Failure Analytics (PFA) system from Baker Hughes.


Optimize ESP operations with AI advances

An innovative digital solution in the ProductionLink™ integrated production optimization platform, PFA leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence/machine learning and physics-based models to detect operational events and anomalies in your ESP system early—before a costly failure.

Existing monitoring approaches use simple threshold-based alarm methods to detect critical events after they have occurred. PFA goes deeper to detect and analyze critical events and anomalies in surface and downhole sensors—in real time. Our workflows then correlate these events with historical failures and mean time-to-failure data from other systems to reliably predict the remaining useful life (RUL) of each ESP in your field.

Armed with this data-driven, predictive failure analysis, you can better prioritize and plan your well intervention and workover activities. And with real-time insights into your ESP’s performance, you can make informed decisions to optimize ESP operations, minimize premature failures, and maximize your well’s production.


Extend ESP performance with proven predictive power

Are you currently one of the operators experiencing 80%+ failure rates in their ESP systems due to unforeseen electrical and mechanical problems?

Don’t be part of that statistic any longer. Contact us today to learn how the PFA system can help you avoid the costly downtime and deferred production that comes with replacing a failed ESP in your wells.

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