As your wells get longer and more complex, directional measurement-while-drilling (MWD) services help to optimize drilling efficiency and land your well to target. Partnering with Baker Hughes, you get a full suite of directional MWD services that maximize production and improve reservoir characterization, in even your most challenging drilling scenarios.

Proven performance

In drilling jobs throughout the world, our tools have reliably delivered high-quality wells at lower risk and in less time than conventional drilling methods. Specific benefits for your drilling jobs include:

Accurate wellbore placement. Efficiently land your well to its intended target with high-definition, high-speed electromagnetic (EM) telemetry

Flexible data transmission. Optimize your real-time data transfer with telemetry solutions that use EM and mud pulse (MP) simultaneously, and seamlessly switch to MP when EM is interrupted

Stay ahead of drilling problems. Identify problem areas in the reservoir early with integrated MWD and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) solutions that provide accurate equivalent circulating density (ECD) evaluation while drilling

Maximize production. Immediately identify bed boundaries and formation dips with accurate, wireline-quality directional measurements, including deep-reading propagation resistivity and compensated resistivity curves

Minimize collision risks. Avoid neighboring well collisions and suboptimal well placement with gyroscopic MWD tools that increase the certainty of directional surveys, without magnetic interference downhole

Let’s work together to select the right set of directional MWD services that will minimize your drilling downtime while optimizing well placement in your most extreme reservoir environments.

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Directional measurement-while-drilling services