At the forefront of neutron and gamma detection technologies for more than 60 years, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, has led the industry in researching, designing and manufacturing quality radiation detection equipment for a broad range of radiation monitoring uses.

Reuter-Stokes offers a comprehensive line of neutron and gamma detectors for Homeland Security applications including:

  • Radiation Portal Monitoring 
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel Measurement
  • IAEA Safeguards
  • Mobile Radiation Detection Equipment
Radiation Measurement Tools
3He Gas-Filled Detectors

Reuter-Stokes offers a comprehensive line of helium-3 (3He) filled neutron proportional counters. These neutron detectors provide very high neutron sensitivity, good gamma discrimination, and long service life, and excellent vibration response, all in the most compact package possible.

We've developed proprietary 3He purification techniques, gas mixtures, and manufacturing process controls to ensure precise matching of operating characteristics among large batches of detectors. This permits parallel operation of multiple detectors without need for separate power supplies or gain matching

Used in Nuclear Safeguards, Homeland Security, Industrial Gauging, Neutron Scattering, and other scientific applications, our 3He detectors represent the benchmark for neutron measurement in these industries.

Reuter-Stokes continues to be the number one supplier in the world of 3He detectors, offering a wide range of available designs and base materials along with a reliable supply chain of the rare gas used in the detectors.

Radiation Measurement
Boron-10 Neutron Detectors

The Reuter-Stokes boron-10 lined proportional counter is a neutron detector that combines exceptional neutron sensitivity with excellent gamma rejection capabilities thanks to our proprietary boron coating process matched with boron that is enriched in the 10B isotope.

The boron-10 detectors are ideal for neutron detection in mixed neutron and gamma fields. With the proper electronics and discriminator settings, these detectors operate at gamma dose rates up to 103 R/hr with an approximate 50% reduction in neutron sensitivity

Our Boron-10 detectors are available in both stainless steel and aluminum designs, in diameters ranging from 0.5 inch to 1.125 inches, and for active lengths up to 71 inches. While aluminum detectors provide a lower gamma response which results in a slightly higher neutron sensitivity, stainless steel has a lower inherent alpha background and therefore a correspondingly lower background count. The Boron-10 coating thickness can be varied to optimize performance in some systems.

Reuter-Stokes' engineers will work with you to tailor a solution that best optimizes performance in your specific neutron detection application.

Ideal applications for this type of detector include spent nuclear fuel measurementsin safeguards and start-up neutron detectors for nuclear research reactors.

Boron-10 Neutron Detectors
Hybrid Proportional Counters

As a new hybrid neutron proportional counter, Reuter-Stokes B10Plus+* detector combines the best of 10B lined and 3He proportional counters

B10Plus+* detectors offer the benefits of a BF3 detector without the health and environmental hazards associated with the corrosive and poisonous BF3 gas. Typical applications that utilize this detector technology include road gauging, hand-held neutron detectors and safeguard systems.

In some applications, boron-10 detectors alone might fall short in achieving the desired neutron sensitivity. In applications such as these, B10Plus+* may be the best alternative to the existing Helium-3 detector designs.

Operation of the B10Plus+* detector is very similar to that of existing 3He detectors. In a B10Plus+* detector neutrons react with the thin Boron-10 lining on the inside wall of the detector as well as the Helium-3 molecules in the proportional gas.

Reuter-Stokes continues to be the number one supplier in the world of hybrid detectors with a wide range of available designs and base materials along with a reliable supply chain of the rare gas used in these detectors.

boron 10 lined proportional counter

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