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Webinar: Neutron Detectors for Homeland Security

With increasing nuclear power plants around the world, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor and account for the Special Nuclear Material. In order to avoid malicious use of SNM as well as unintentional disposal of radioactive materials, homeland security and safeguards need to seek improvement in the tools to monitor SNM.

At Reuter-Stokes, we strive to manufacture and supply the best neutron detectors by offering customization to fit the different needs of specific applications. We can adapt the mechanical size of detectors, from a few mm to many cm in diameter, and from a few cm up to multiple meters in active length. We can adapt the efficiency and sensitivity depending on the neutron flux. Additionally, we can use different bodyshell material, adapt the connectors, adapt the gas mix to increase the speed and efficiency/improve gamma rejection, and optimize our detectors for your specific applications.

Reuter-Stokes has been providing neutron detectors for the homeland security and safeguards application for many decades. Register for the webinar to learn more about the neutron converter technology that is available today and the reasons we recommend certain technology in specific applications.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Understand the different technology for neutron converter.
  • Optimization of the detector’s performance according to specific applications.


Ryan Conway

Ryan Conway
Technical Lead

In his role as Technical Lead for Radiation Monitoring, Ryan develops new product offerings for numerous industries by using neutron detection technology. He designs custom products for customer-specific requirements, optimizing the technology for use in Security, Safeguard, Neutron Scattering, and Industrial Gauging applications.

Ryan joined Reuter-Stokes in 2016 as a Product Engineer, before moving into his current position. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Akron and has prior experience in manufacturing and operations.

A resident of Seven Hills, OH, Ryan is an avid Cleveland sports fan. Between sporting events, he enjoys exploring the outdoors through fishing, kayaking, hiking, and biking.

Subject matter:

  • Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitoring
  • Neutron Detection Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Conway

Mathieu Boucher
Field Application Engineer

Mathieu has served as a Field Application Engineer for Reuter-Stokes since 2012. He partners with the commercial and sales teams and the company’s customers to develop neutron and radiation detection solutions.

Developing and maintaining strong working relationships with a world-wide customer base, Mathieu effectively interfaces with Reuter-Stokes internal functions to support customer requests from the initial design to the final testing phases. His role includes support for products in the areas of homeland security, nuclear safeguards, neutron scattering research, area radiation monitoring, and pressurized water reactors.

Mathieu studied physics at Moncton University and holds a Master’s in Particle Physics and a Doctorate in Applied Nuclear Physics from Université de Fribourg. As a resident of Villars-sur-Glane, Switzerland, Mathieu enjoys spending time in the Alps, hiking and skiing.

Subject matter:

  • Neutron and Radiation Detection
  • Applied Nuclear Physics
  • Particle Physics