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Neutron Scattering Applications and Tools

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Neutron Scattering Solutions

For years, the global neutron scattering research community has relied on Reuter-Stokes for bespoke spectroscopic detectors and data acquisition electronics that deliver the highest levels of precision, reliability and durability.

With the longest track record of detectors in the field for scientists and researchers on four continents, Reuter-Stokes’ engineers draw from decades of insights and innovations to meet the requirements for each new project.

  • 3He filled position sensitive detectors (PSDs)
    • Custom designed and manufactured detectors for unique project requirements
    • Precisely matched operating characteristics across sensor batches for ease of parallel operation
  • NeuAcqTM data acquisition electronics system
    • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for high accuracy neutron event time-stamping and processing
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) and standard TCP/IP protocol for high count rate neutron event data streaming
    • Linux based operating system
    • ADARA compliant, EPICS and Mantid compatible
    • SANS (small angle neutron scattering) system
      • Customized position sensitive 3He proportional counters
      • 8-pack array with NeuAcq integrated data acquisition electronics system
      • High quality plug-and-play convenience for high-, partial- and non-vacuum instruments

Neutron Scattering Product Resources

Proportional Counter Datasheet: Helium-3 filled position sensitive proportional counter

Datasheet: 3He filled proportional counter for time-of-flight spectroscopy and small-angle scattering measurements

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