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Maintaining the productivity and profitability of an in-service industrial plant is dependent on the ability to proactively understand, identify and mitigate against material degradation of an ageing plant. Plant managers and engineers throughout all fields are looking to revise current inspection programs to include highly cost-effective, smart digital inspection tools to better detect and visualize all shortcomings. Waygate's industrial field services is your solution.

Driven by the need to progress, Waygate Technologies is forever building on our 30-years' experience to create evergreen, world-renowned, leading-edge, multi-modal technical inspection solutions and equipment maintenance services. By working with clients across all industries to adopt new proven and trusted digital solutions, we stay at the forefront of providing reliable, advanced inspection applications to keep plants and facilities running reliably. These advanced applications allow us to gather inspection data from areas that used to be inaccessible, and visualize them in ways never seen before. This in-depth inspection capability provides an improved understanding of the condition of both the plant and it's equipment materials, as well as the risk that's associated with their degradation. Most importantly, this data identifies which AIS inspections need to be updated in order to build confidence in your assets integrity management, and increase protection throughout your facilities.

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Advanced Inspection Solutions Webinar

Boost Your Risk-Based Inspection Programs

Operators in the power generation, transportation, and oil & gas industries will gain valuable insight into how to best take advantage of our Advanced Inspection Solutions.

Identify defects, mitigate risk
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Throughout the state-of-the-art factories and plants across all industries, are complex, dangerous, and even impossible areas to inspect, that are crucial to their productivity. Specialized RVI devices offer a non-intrusive alternative that not only alleviate inspection limitations on areas like piping, tanks, and turbines, but offer higher quality analysis, in real time. When risks such as material degradation and foreign materials are detected, services like Dry-Steam Cleaning, Quaternary Annulus Cleaning, and Loose Parts Retrieval are imperative to get your assets running back up to speed. 

Inspection without limitations

In order to effectively prevent equipment failure, you must thoroughly inspect every aspect of your plant's materials. RVI devices such as the Fast RVI, Drone, Robotic Crawler, and BIKE platform, are made specifically to give you an in-depth analysis on areas you could never see before, like piping, tanks, gas turbines, ventilation, containers, and vessels. These advanced tools give you a closer look at the corrosion and material degradation that could be present in the areas most critical to your plants productivity, profitability, and safety.

End-to-end support, endless solutions

Within the most complex systems, there are the most critical challenges that require unique solutions. As an extension of your team, the Solutions Lab will customize tools and programs to help you take on the greatest challenges that your equipment faces. Backed by expert knowledge, and equipped with extensive industry resources, our team can design and manufacture technology to prevent equipment failure, constantly monitor risk, increase uptime, and much more.

Our Solutions

RVI and Cleaning Services
Advanced Robotic Services
Engineering Solutions

The specialized features of RVI devices allow for inspectors to take on the complex, confined, and dangerous areas of plants and ensure they are thoroughly inspected for corrosion and other material deterioration, in order to meet regulatory and safety standards. If defects are found, services like Dry-Steam Cleaning, Quaternary Annulus Cleaning, and Loose Parts Retrieval are imperative to get your assets running back up to speed.

Specialized RVI devices are designed to inspect the complex and dangerous areas of plants such as piping, tanks, ventilation, turbines, containers, and vessels, for material degradation and corrosion. With devices such as the Fast RVI, Drone, Robotic Crawler, and BIKE platform, inspectors can get an in-depth look to assess the areas that could never be seen before, and help you learn how to better protect your equipment from failure.

The Solutions Lab works as an extension of your team by offering end-to-end support, to develop long standing solutions that defy any challenge your equipment faces. We combine expert field knowledge with extensive technological resources to design and manufacture the custom tools and programs to solve your inspection issues, and meet regulatory standards.

What is an Advanced Inspection Service program?

Inspectors are frequently confronted with barriers that prevent them from gaining the required, and often essential, plant materials condition information. This inevitably leads to uncertainty in RBI, AIM, and risk management programs, which affects confidence in plant reliability and uptime.

AIS programs are designed to overcome these barriers using state-of-the-art technology in contingence with robotic applications, some of which have never been seen before. These robotic platforms support digital inspection sensors such as 3D imaging applications, HD PTZ cameras, and many more dependable tools. But applying these technologies and solving these situations also requires imagination, creativity, and above all else, experience, and know-how. 

Example 1: The fast development of advanced and dependable inspection techniques such as High Order Mode Cluster (HOMC) guided wave technology, has provided a step-change in overcoming obstacles throughout the inspection process. This gives us the ability to assess areas that have never been reliably inspected before, like searching for defects under tank annular plates and metal loss under piping supports and trunnions. Through the use of robotic platforms to support the inspections sensors, not only can we inspect new areas, but also increase our data quality, to give you added assurance when managing risks in your facility.

Example 2: Inspecting a tank or pressure vessel requires man-entry and scaffold to access and properly inspect critical parts. But, a piping system is usually non-accessible for internal inspection requirements. 

The FAST or BIKE platform is a proven robotic inspection system equipped with strong magnetic wheels that can easily climb metallic structures, and perform both remote and overhead inspections. The operator can navigate the robot safely from a remote location while it’s inside the tank, vessel, or pipe. By using 3D navigation and an overview camera, the operator is able to monitor the exact location of the robot, and navigate it to every location of interest. With its advanced kinematics, the robot is able to freely maneuver throughout curved or double-curved surfaces. When the platform reaches a point of interest, it then collects required data through inspection sensors, or its camera, which gives you up to 40x optical zoom. This allows you to gather data and get a clear visualization of features that could never be seen before.

Who would typically use an Advanced Inspection Service?

Plant managers, along with turnaround planning, inspection, and asset integrity managers understand that today, conventional inspection technology and techniques are inefficient and costly. They know that current NDT applications are limited to the extent these outdated methods cannot provide the quality or accuracy to effectively maintain RBI programs, nor provide the required assurance to guard against failure. Plant managers rely on our industrial field services as an integral part of their maintenance strategy.

What does this service offer?

Our Advanced Inspection Services allow you to collaborate with highly trained personnel that will quickly identify and respond to your individual inspection needs with a customized solution. To do this, we use proactive and predictive inspections to assess the performance of your assets and support your maintenance concept.

What qualifications do your team members have?

Every member of our team is NDT qualified and certified (ASNT-TC1A, ISO 9712), as driven by our QMS written practice. Our service inspection team consists of experienced NDT engineers and inspectors with multi-modal experience, advanced degrees, and specialty certifications such as API. In addition, the team of engineers in our Advanced Inspection Lab has the ability to design and adapt existing platforms, and even create specialty probes to solve our customers' unique industry problems.

How does pricing work?

Our solutions are custom to your individual needs, therefore our pricing varies throughout different services and industries. To get a quote on your advanced inspection needs, reach out to

Do you offer standard inspection help?

We offer a wide variety of inspection solutions in our portfolio, ranging from simple to complex systems.  Regardless of the product, we always use the most advanced equipment. Therefore, we can conduct standard inspection for problems like erosion and corrosion defects, even in non-accessible and hazardous locations, by using high-quality data capture from pipes, vessels, and tanks. Our industrial equipment maintenance services can be adjusted to fit your needs.

What assets can you inspect with your Remote Visual Tools?

Our Remote Visual Tools can be used to inspect piping systems, tanks, vessel boilers, HRSG’s furnaces, gas and steam turbines, heat exchangers, cat crackers, stacks, and a number of other assets throughout the facilities.

What industries do you service?
  • Oil & Gas - Refinery, Chemical, Industrial, Environment, Infrastructure, Piping, Processing
  • Power Generation - Renewable, Turbomachinery, Biomass, Hydro & Process Tech., Nuclear, Coal
  • Transportation - Public Transit, Aviation, Automotive, Marine
  • Other - Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Steel Mills
Do you have solutions for confined space?

We have several crawlers, robotics platforms, and drones, each equipped with numerous NDT Methods, like UT, PA, Laser 3D Corrosion Mapping.

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