Spare Parts for Ultrasonic Testing

Security for your Production

Spare parts management is always a balance between ensuring that critical parts are in stock and keeping the stock value as low as possible. Waygate Technologies uses high-performance components to ensure the lowest failure rates and, together with its long-term qualified partners, we produce critical components ourselves to make ourselves less dependent on external suppliers. Some critical components such as ultrasonic electronics or probes are in stock in security warehouses to guarantee the shortest possible delivery times if required. Nevertheless, it is imperative to keep important spare and worn parts in stock to avoid costly downtimes.


From the Leaders in Ultrasonic Testing

We've been delivering peace of mind to the world's infrastructure for over 70 years. The legacy of our Krautkrämer brand is a testament to the confidence you've come to expect from our products. Waygate Technologies is an international leader in non-destructive testing with the largest global supply chain, providing all the high-quality products and services you need without the risks associated with third-party suppliers. Rest easy knowing our highly qualified install teams are onsite to ensure every part of your ultrasonic testing machine works correctly, and on call to offer individualized support every step of the way.

  • Quality - We develop and manufacture our own testing machines and devices to maintain full control over quality. This applies also to spare and wear parts.
  • Integration - Our spare and wear parts can be 100% integrated into your testing machine, so that no problems or restrictions are to be expected during integration. In this way you keep your downtimes as short as possible and save expensive cost losses.
  • Expertise - Our experts from the worldwide service and remote maintenance team are at your disposal should you need support with the integration of the replacement parts when there is no time to lose.

Product Features

  1. Inhouse development of key components
  2. Own manufacturing of key components
  3. Safety stock for selected wear and spare parts
  4. Avoid integration trouble with 3rd party components
Does Waygate Technologies have safety stock on spare parts?

Yes, we have a selection of critical spare and wear parts in stock.

What happens if an item is outdated and no longer available?

In our lifecycle management process, we continuously check the availability of individual components in order to be able to react proactively to impending discontinuations so that we can initiate the necessary steps. In the event that there is no 1-by-1 replacement, we offer our customers suitable upgrade solutions.

What if I need help integrating the spare parts?

Our global field and remote service team will be happy to assist you via remote maintenance or in person on site.

Talk to an expert

Get in touch with one of our Waygate Technologies subject matter experts to discuss your needs for spare parts management.

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