• Our high-efficiency designs ensure optimal refrigeration and expansion energy recover for compression service
  • Zero-leakage design with oil or magnetic bearing, including optimized AMB footprint and weight layouts for offshore application
  • Strong collaboration with SKF for continuous AMB optimization, enabled the first AMB for 5.5 MW floating LNG

  • Advanced and proven design with broad range of verified wheels up to 1,000 mm diameter for large capacity machines
  • Wide range of sizes up to 15 MW supported on AMB or oil bearings with optional dry gas seals for aggressive gas applications
  • We can manage all turbomachinery through equipment installation, full-load string testing, start-up, commissioning and service

  • LNG feed-gas treatment (onshore and floating)
  • Cryogenic gas treatment: dew point control, LPG recovery, refrigeration
  • Petrochemical: ethylene, syngas, H2 rich process




Baker Hughes's turboexpander-compressors are available in a wide selection of frames and sizes to best match any demanding cryogenic application. Extensive in-field experience and state-of-the-art design features ensure the highest performance for simultaneous refrigeration service and energy recovery.


Shaft power
0.1 to 15 MW
Max. speed
60,000 rpm
Inlet/outlet flange max
2/48 inches
Max. inlet pressure
250 bar
Temperature range
-270°C to +270 °C
Enthalpy drop per stage
300 kJ/kg
Max. liquid content at suction
1% weight
Max. liquid content at discharge
35% weight


Complete in-house capabilities

For a 2019 offshore platform project in the North Sea involving seven of our single shaft, high-speed moto-compressors with active magnetic bearings (AMB), we also delivered two AMB expander-compressors with dry gas seals (DGS). Service is characterized by high H2S content not compatible with magnetic bearing. Hence, the DGS solution was the only way to enable oil-free configuration in sour service. The turboexpanders and moto-compressors were completely assembled and tested in-house, leveraging our internal capability for magnetic-bearing tuning and testing resulting from the agreement with SKF.


Turboexpander Compressor Engineers
Engineers running rotodynamic analysis and studying the AMB behavior.


Turboexpander Compressor Assembled
Turboexpander compressor assembled after dye penetrant inspection.


Turboexpander Compressor Mounted
Turboexpander compressor mounted on test bench.




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