• Improved maintenance costs and efficiency
  • Optimized and customized planning and productivity
  • Reduced downtime through detailed site/unit study

  • Remote components inspection
  • Dedicated experts for outage preparation
  • Dedicated feasibility study for complex projects

  • Frame and aeroderivative gas turbines
  • Centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, steam turbine
  • Control systems, auxiliaries and balance of plant

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Our Remote Outage Preparation service provides multi-spectrum remote guidance to support customers with quick, efficient, and effective outage solutions.

We remotely collect information and data to quickly deploy guidance and optimize the schedule. Specific deliverables include parts inventory analysis, technical issue resolution, road-block identification, repair and activity recommendations, even complex feasibility studies—with everything dovetailing to enable improved equipment availability and reliability when work is complete.

This is a smart way to shrink outages preparation timeframes while easily enhancing the expertise available to customize an outage.


A series of customized approaches to suit your needs

Standard inspections are performed with the customer fully involved in the process to ensure a customized package that meets their requirements in terms of scope, duration, and performance.

Our turnkey approach delivers an “A-to-Z” solution starting with a  pre-analysis of site requirements to ensure a comprehensive scope of work, including:

  • Customer centricity supported by enhanced communication tools
  • Ad-hoc scope of work definition based on clear, moldable responsibility matrix
  • Deep engineering experience
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Entire project-supporting schedule
  • Open technical issues analysis
  • Customer’s easy access to outage information
  • Application of international HSE standards
  • Risk assessment and application of Baker Hughes best practices
  • Matrix of responsibility definition
  • Lifting and handling management

We can also build a personalized scope of work with more cost advantages through:

  • Supervision by experienced Field Service Engineers
  • Targeted analysis of site’s HSE requirements
  • Application of site-maintenance best practices
  • Open technical issues analysis
  • Outage activities supporting schedules



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