Optimize the speed, safety, and cost of your downhole evaluation and intervention jobs with wide-ranging wireline mechanical services from Baker Hughes.

  • Whether you need to shift sleeves, conduct drift runs, perform memory logging, deploy ballistic tools, or retrieve toolstrings or other components from your well, our proven wireline deployment services ensure each operation is carried out safely, reliably, and cost-effectively.
  • Resolve your stuck pipe problems, quickly and efficiently, with wireline pipe recovery solutions. From free-point depth determination to pipe separation to fishing the remaining pipe, we have the tools and expertise to solve your specific stuck-pipe challenges more safely and economically.
  • Restore circulation, remediate poor cementing jobs, or clean up your annular space behind the casing with wireline intervention services. Our proven wireline-deployed solutions, including thru-tubing slot cutters, inflatable systems, service tools, and smart intervention systems, reduce the time and cost of your interventions and bring you back to profitable production faster.

Contact us to learn how our wireline mechanical services can quickly resolve downhole challenges to improve your well’s productivity.

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