Proven technologies

We have a huge installed base of Frame gas turbines from 20 MW up to 130 MW, with over 80 million combined fired hours experience in power generation and mechanical drive applications. These turbines have the robust designs and materials needed for operation in harsh conditions and extreme ambient temperatures—with proven availability, reliability, and fuel flexibility.


Continually improving performance

Technology injection and rejuvenation kits make these turbines highly competitive, providing customers with a wide range of solutions that maximize unit availability and reliability, extended fuel flexibility, and ensure high performance with easy maintainability.


Hydrogen for energy transition

Baker Hughes has established experience burning a variety of fuel mixtures with high hydrogen content, including about 70 projects worldwide using Frame and aeroderivative gas turbines. Our Frame gas turbines can burn up to 100% hydrogen, and NOx emissions can be abated through DLN or water injection into combustion section.

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