The Baker Hughes expander portfolio includes compressors and generators with proven experience in the most demanding applications and extreme conditions worldwide. We provide frame sizes, capacities, footprints, and weights to match any application. We also design air coolers and heat exchangers. Our first was delivered in the early 1970s for sweet gas and just over 300 bar pressure; and our latest applications are for more than 650 bar with up to 18% H2S content.

Leveraging over 60 years of consolidated experience, our products incorporate advanced designs, and robust materials, and lessons learned from an extensive installed fleet. We continually invest to study and develop new stage technologies that deliver higher efficiency and reliability, and lower maintenance requirements.


Highest-efficiency energy recovery

Our advanced stage technologies enable the highest train efficiency, maximizing energy recovery and conversion into valuable power. Our solutions for heat, pressure recovery, and energy storage can be optimized with unique dynamic simulation to fulfill any operational demands.


Complete radial in-house experience

For radial turbo-expanders, our portfolio includes integrated and sealed solutions for pressure let-down up to 300 kW coupled with high-speed generators and multistage turboexpanders up to 17 MW for energy recovery. We also have a strong partnership with SKF, the world leader in magnetic bearings, which extends our ability to provide complete customer support from engineering to commissioning. In addition to our two dedicated expander test benches in full accordance with API 617 with low-pressure air, our advanced testing facilities include the capability to perform full string tests.


Hot gas axial expanders

Hot gas axial expanders can be used to recover otherwise wasted energy, particularly from the substantial heat generated in a refinery’s Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit. An expander acts very much like the power turbine in an aeroderivative gas turbine. Flue gas energy is extracted by the rotor blades and converted into rotational energy to generate power.


Worldwide network for service

We are single point of contact for plant equipment, installation, commissioning, and service. Whether your goal is to economically modify your process or to revamp it with the latest technologies for increased productivity, our network of facilities can provide the highest standard of support for the entire process.


Product safety

A relentless pledge to safety underpins the entire lifecycle of all our products. We're committed to acting with integrity and managing risk across our enterprise—in design, manufacturing, testing, servicing, and in monitoring our global installed fleet.

The product safety culture in Turbomachinery & Process Solution is nurtured through our pillars:

  • Accountability and commitment
  • From reactive to proactive
  • Governance
  • Functional and process safety
  • Customer value

Product safety is everyone's responsibility at Baker Hughes. It's entrenched in our core values to lead, collaborate, grow, and care; and it’s a vital part of every-day life at all our facilities worldwide.

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