• Mitigates risk by detecting channeling and poor cement bonds
  • Compliance with well integrity regulations
  • Reduce risk of zonal communication

  • Deployable on wireline or intelligent coiled tubing
  • Multiaxial sensors with next-generation multiaxis data technology
  • Fully combinable with other UltraWire and UltraMemory™ tools

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Our suite of well integrity products enable you to identify faults or defects in your downhole components and make pro-active decisions to perform remedial work and avoid unnecessary production disruptions or emergency interventions.

The Radial bond tool (RBT) facilitates detailed, qualitative analysis of the zonal isolation achieved by cementing services, allowing the detection of poor cement conditions before perforating, enabling proactive measures to be taken.

The Ultrasonic Pulse Echo tool provides ultrasonic pulse echo mapping of the casing and cement with one logging run to gain maximum understanding of wellbore zonal isolation.

The Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation tool provides accurate information that helps operators gain an understanding of the cement bond—regardless of weight or contamination—to make critical downhole decisions with confidence.

The High-resolution vertilog (HRVRT) provides the industry’s most precise pipe integrity and corrosion evaluation, accurately characterizing casing and tubing strength. The service eliminates unnecessary remediation work and reduces unplanned production outages.

The Electromagnetic defectoscope (EMD) uses transient electromagnetics to quantitatively measure individual thickness up to four casing barriers and measures the presence or absence of a fifth barrier.

The Multifinger imaging tool (MIT) is a mechanical caliper device that detects very small changes and relatively minor defects early, before they escalate to more serious and expensive issues affecting your casing string integrity. The MIT is available in a range of diameters to suit varying casing and tubing sizes. It is also available in a range of finger configurations from 24 up to 120 individual measurements, depending on the required resolution.

The Magnetic thickness tool (MTT) surveys variations in pipe metal thickness. Twelve sensors are mounted on the inside of a set of bow springs, allowing the tool to pass through tubing and log pipe sizes up to 7-in. casing.

The Noise tool (NTO) houses a sensitive hydrophone that is highly effective in the detection of flow inside and outside the cased well. The NTO can detect if a well is leaking, causing damage to the environment and loss of production.


  • Evaluate the cement bond quality to the casing
  • Oil, gas, and water wells under operating conditions
  • Evaluate multiple-size casing strings in one logging pass
  • Heavy wellbore fluid environments
  • Wells with contaminated, lightweight, or foam cement
  • Identify internal versus external corrosion problems
  • Pipe inspection for internal and external metal loss
  • Evaluate flow profiles 

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