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  • Enhances operational efficiency and long-term production reliability
  • Installs easily and ensures wide-ranging functional flexibility
  • Economizes interventions and maintenance with a simpler, compact body design

  • Shallow, medium, and deepwater wells
  • Operations requiring multiple downhole functionalities and flexibility
  • High-pressure/high-temperature and high acid gas well production



When you need flexible subsea production solutions that evolve as your field conditions change, the Baker Hughes Aptara™ family of TOTEX-lite products has the solution.  

Derived from the Latin word for “adapt,” Aptara signifies the product family’s flexibility to meet your evolving needs from installation to the end of field life. Aptara’s radically different life-of-field approach to subsea system design, delivery, and operation lowers your initial CAPEX while ensuring sustained OPEX savings—making it a TOTEX-lite family.

Aptara products are designed with patented, next-generation technologies that are smarter, lighter, and more compact and efficient than anything before. The resulting subsea systems are easier and more economical to install, operate smoothly, and adapt to changing well conditions over the life of your field.

The main building blocks include:

Aptara lightweight compact trees

Aptara lightweight compact trees provide reliable production control at wide-ranging water depths and process conditions. Vertical tree options include the Aptara-L (AXTL) and Aptara-C (AXTC) tree systems, which provide ease of installation, flexible operating configurations, and strong and reliable sealing solutions—all while minimizing your seafloor footprint.  The Aptara Horizontal Tree (AHXT) system leverages three decades of horizontal tree experience to deliver a large bore production solution that optimizes flow assurance and well management. Design innovations minimize the need for independent modules and connections to further reduce your costs over the life of the field.


Aptara modular compact manifold

Reduce cycle time, costs, and footprint with the modular, pre-engineered Aptara compact block manifold. Using off-the-shelf components, the manifold’s standardized design limits engineering adjustments to the manifold header, structural steel, and foundation for faster delivery at reduced risks and costs.


Aptara modular compact pump (MCP) 

The Aptara MCP subsea system is the industry’s first subsea multiphase pump without a barrier fluid system, reducing topside footprint by 50% and cutting system costs. The MCP’s standard, pre-qualified 1-MW building blocks enable efficient configuration changes to match specific field requirements. Each stage is controlled by a subsea variable-speed drive that adjusts the pump dynamically as wellstream conditions change—while eliminating high-risk items like mechanical seals and avoiding the need to re-bundle the hydraulics during field life.


Aptara SFX wellhead solution

The Aptara SFX wellhead solution improves fatigue resistance to maximize your life-of-field options. This translates into production enhancement through well intervention activities, even in late life, and extends field operations—all with a lower risk profile than traditional wellhead systems.


Aptara subsea connection systems

The Aptara FLX360 multi-quick connection (MQC) system uses a patented locking mechanism that enables fast and reliable connections between all elements of the subsea distribution system. The connection system is housed within a retrievable and serviceable ROV tooling for in-situ maintenance, saving time and costs by avoiding the need to disconnect the connector.

The Aptara HCCS-L subsea system is a proven horizontal connector for rigid and flexible jumpers, spools, and umbilical terminations. The HCCS-L’s pre-mounted stroking tool helps minimize subsea operations and reduce connection time by more than 30%.

Contact Baker Hughes today to learn how the Aptara family of TOTEX-lite products can help optimize well production and performance at every stage of your field’s lifecycle.

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