Subsea flowline connectors 

With proven capabilities across the most extreme conditions, our subsea connection systems provide diverless links between subsea wells, manifolds, pipelines, risers, and control umbilicals. The systems accommodate a wide range of configuration needs and services, while providing a high degree of installation versatility and operational reliability. The connectors portfolio has evolved over decades and has been rigorously tested to exceed the highest industry standards—providing you with long-term reliability and safety, and greater flexibility.  


Maximizing reliability and availability 

Our Vertical Clamp Connection System is a suitable for rigid pipes, flexible pipes with a gooseneck, subsea Pig Launchers and Receivers (PLR), piping loops and control/valve modules. It has a robust design with high load capacity to enhance reliability. 


Unparalleled versatility 

While, the Vertical Clamp Connection Systems (VCCS) is designed for simpler connections, our Horizontal Clamp Connection Systems (HCCS) is a robust and versatile system used for rigid spools and PLRs. The light version (HCCS-L) is a compact, lightweight and universal connection system best suited to flexibles, umbilicals and rigid flowlines. Both can be used across a wide range of connection sizes. 


Focus on quality and reliability 

There is no room for error in this industry. That’s why everything we do is guided by a focus on quality and reliability. All our connector products undergo rigorous qualification testing and are designed for a wide range of needs. Paired with comprehensive global support and a total-system approach, our systems are complemented by highly experienced experts and a full suite of solutions. 

  • Subsea connection system features and benefits: 
  • Long-term reliability and safety 
  • Designed for pressure rating up to 15,000 psi and a temperature rating of 350°F (180°C) 
  • Flexibility for vertical configurations 
  • Adapted to rigid or flexible pipes, single, dual or multibore configurations 
  • Connectivity even in the most extreme conditions 
  • Integrated smart communications and diagnostic technologies 
  • Around-the-clock remote monitoring services 
  • Up to 50 years of design life 
  • Simplified installation and operations 
  • Typical lead times: 5 months 

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