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Update on collaboration efforts with Horisont Energi

In March this year, Baker Hughes announced the signing of a MOU to work collaboratively with Horisont Energi on the development of technologies and solutions to enable carbon capture and storage across its CCS projects, ensuring the rapid growth of clean ammonia production and offshore carbon storage in Europe.

We are pleased to announce that the next phase of the Polaris project has been formally awarded, and Baker Hughes will be responsible for front-end engineering work to develop the full field solution for CO2 injection at Polaris. Collaborating with Horisont Energi and their partners, we will define the optimum system configuration across the subsurface and subsea scopes to enable the cost-effective commercialization of offshore carbon storage in Europe.

Bjørgulf Haukelidsæter Eidesen, CEO of Horisont Energi, said: “We are continuing our journey on the Polaris carbon storage project with a strategic partner that not only has extensive experience with complex technical projects and a strong CCUS technology portfolio, but also aligns with our energy transition vision. I am proud that this partnership is bearing fruit and we are working together to accelerate industrial decarbonisation through the efficient deployment of offshore carbon storage."

Once development of the offshore CO2 storage site is complete, and Horisont Energi and their partner’s flagship clean ammonia plant is in production, the facility will have a production capacity of one million tons per year. This will be achieved with a carbon capture rate of over 99%, while safely and permanently storing the carbon dioxide in saline aquifers beneath the Barents Sea. To find out more about Baker Hughes' approach to #CCUS here:

This announcement marks Baker Hughes’ commitment to the Polaris project, and also to the continued development of the strong partnership with Horisont Energi for this cutting-edge energy transition venture, and its expansion in the years to come.