NDT Inspection in Boosting Electronics Quality Assurance

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When it comes to electronic components, we need to collectively obsess about safety.  It is the quality of components -- such as semiconductors, printed circuit board assemblies (pcba’s) and lithium-ion batteries (batteries) -- that increasingly determine the safety of items such as airplanes, automobiles, cell phones and computers. 

As the use of electronics expands, both in usage within existing products and into novel, emerging applications, the importance of quality and safety assurance heightens further.  Across industries such as aviation, consumer electronics and automotive, electronic components are foundational elements, bolstering novel capabilities as we become increasingly dependent on their reliability. While specific quality needs and regulatory standards may vary by industry and application, the core requirements are consistent:  Manufacturers must comprehensively inspect product integrity to help ensure public safety. Concurrently, enhancing quality and safety also protects manufacturing profits.


Enter: High Resolution, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) 

NDT x-ray solutions are powerful allies in electronics manufacturing. They enable inspection of visible and sub-surface component features, such as joint cracks, voids and partially connected elements or disconnections. Most importantly, these examinations occur prior to end-use, when corrective actions can precede potential in-use failures. Latent faults, detectable via X-ray inspection, can be just as dangerous during end-use as more obvious and visible flaws.  During “normal“ thermal, mechanical and electrical stresses during end-use, failures from undetected electronic part defects can occur.


Compliance, Speed and Cost

In addition to validating component integrity at critical junctures to reduce undetected defects, NDT solutions must provide full compliance with regulatory standard and maximize product yield. It is the delicate balance of optimizing three factors to determine the proper inspection technology for each application and industry: 

1) Compliance requirements

2) Inspection speed  

3) Cost 

Inspection techniques for electronic components help to mitigate risks. Mitigating risks to public safety, manufacturing profits, brand reputation and regulatory compliance, while not easy, is essential.  As such, NDT inspection solutions must be engineered with extraordinary capabilities.  This requires cutting edge software working in tandem with best-in-class hardware that is ever-evolving to keep up with emerging developments, applications and regulatory requirements.  

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