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Improving profit, safety, and throughput via 3D CT Scanning 

Our powerful industrial computer tomography (CT) system, designed for 3D metrology and analysis, provides industry-leading magnification at 300 kV. It is the world’s first microCT scanner with Scatter|correct technology, to automatically remove scatter artifacts for higher image quality. With a variety of proprietary premium CT technologies, the Phoenix V|tome|x M revolutionizes 3D CT metrology - delivering faster scans and higher throughputs without compromising image quality.

CT Scanning & Metrology at Higher Accuracy, Higher Speeds

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GE's digital X-ray detector for industrial radiography inspections
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Phoenix Perspective Services

Global Industrial X-ray 2D and 3D CT Scanning Services from Waygate Technologies

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Learn About the 3D Metrology 2.0 Upgrade

You can now retrofit your V|tome|x M CT system with the latest metrology 2.0 upgrade package. This upgrade complies with the VDI 2630 standard and enables you to fully benefit from the advantages of CT based metrology. 

Key Solution Characteristics
Industry-leading detector performance

The Phoenix V|tome|x M comes standard with our exclusive 4 MP Dynamic 41|200 next-generation photodiode design industrial X-ray detector. It provides 10x increased sensitivity relative to the state of the art 200µm pixel-size DXR detectors producing a 2-3x cycle time increase without image quality impact, making inspections and measurements more efficient and productive.    As a premium option, the 100µm / 16 MP Dynamic 41|100 detector provides 2x the resolution increase without impacting cycle times. Detection of 2x smaller defects without an increase of geometric magnification allows for the imaging of large objects at higher resolutions

Dynamic 41 digital detector technology means you get up to 2-3x faster CT scans or doubled resolution. 

Faster scans with less artifacts

Advanced Scatter|correct technology automatically removes scatter artifacts for artifact-free precision CT results on the quality level of fan-beam CT scanned several hundred times faster with advanced cone-beam CT.

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Unprecedented scan speed

Our proprietary High-flux|target allows for higher power on a smaller focal spot, so you can cut scan time in half.

Automated CT process

Boost your CT scanning performance with a fully automated, robot-based workflow and 3D analysis in real-time.

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Enhanced reliability with real results

Backed by our proprietary technology and durable hardware, you can maintain safe and reliable operations while remaining in compliance.

Optimized inspection performance

By bringing your CT inspection right onto the factory floor or into the lab, you can unite manufacturing with quality control for greater reliability, speed, and efficiency.

Maximum flexibility

Unique Dual|tube configurations enhance the flexibility. Depending on the inspection task, fast and easy change between the microfocus and nanofocus X-ray tube is possible just by a push of a button. 

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Precision metrology

With Ruby|plate and True|position technology, our 3D metrology has an accuracy of (3.8 + L/100 mm) µm, referring to VDI 2630 guidelines. For all other positions besides the VDI positions, a remarkable accuracy of (5.5+ L/50 mm)µm can be reached.

AI-based automated defect recognition (ADR)

Proprietary machine learning (ML) based algorithms deliver exceptional Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) across various flaws for e.g. battery anode overhang analysis or typical casting defects. Our AI and data science based ADR library yields greater accuracy and enhanced ease of use compared to conventional ADR approaches, eliminating the need for expert parameterization skills.

Waygate Technologies offers X|approver, the next level and premium ADR platform consisting of the full and intuitive workflow management as well as a comprehensive ADR library running in the background of your production delivering automatic decision making. On top of it reporting functions are provided to see potential negative trends in production at a glance.  Any authorized operator can parametrize scanned samples (e.g. for highly accurate overhang issue detection), and the algorithms get more accurate over time.

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Flash! optimized 2D failure detection

Especially when being equipped with its optional tilt axis, the Phoenix V|tome|x M can also be used as a flexible 2D X-ray inspection system to detect failures even without performing a CT scan. The system includes Waygate Technologies X|act inspection software with industry leading Flash!™ intelligent image processing technology. Users benefit from two versions:

  • Flash! (for general NDT use such as casting inspection) 
  • Flash! Electronics (optimized for Electronics inspection)
Flash automotive casting comparison

Phoenix V|tome|x M Videos

Redefining Automation for Industrial Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) Applications
Waygate Technologies | Premium CT
Metrology by CT | Webinar

Industrial environments consist of multiple processes that must interact with humans and automation. Volumetric Computed Tomography (VCT) is a crucial component to the overall success of many of the industrial inspection routines. Along with Mobile Machine Tending (MMT) and collaborative robots, this allows for a much more productive environment to meet customer demand. A world-class example of pushing the limits of lean manufacturing.

Discover even the most minute defects for total confidence in your product quality, without slowing processes down. Innovative PremiumCT systems from Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, feature proprietary CT technologies for 3D metrology and analysis including industry-leading magnification (300 kV, in fact). Giving you the highest image quality at faster speeds than ever before possible.

This webinar gives an introduction to the basics of metrology by CT and discusses the major factors that influence metrological performance. We also present the technical solutions that are necessary to make CT measurements accurate and precise.

What is the maximum sample weight?

Up to 50 kg, depending on the application.

What is the maximum sample diameter and sample height?

Up to 500 mm diameter and 600 mm in height with limited travel range.

What is the maximum 3D scan size?

Up to 420 mm diameter and 400 mm in height.

Are there upgrade options available for my system?

For the Phoenix V|tome|x M as our premium CT system, there are always latest hard- and software innovations as upgrade options available, helping you to even boost your systems performance.  

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