Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile 160 is designed for situations with limited access to the inspection area that cannot be solved with purely portable (double X-ray tube diameter) or stationary X-ray systems with limited mobility. The device is ideal for flexible use in aircraft maintenance, shipbuilding, energy, mining and petrochemical industries, where pipelines and container tanks have to be examined with X-rays.

Whether under very cold or hot conditions between -20°C to +40°C or for areas that are difficult to access - Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile 160 stand up due to their very robust construction and reliably deliver performance even to the most difficult positions.

All components are placed on a compact wheeled cart that provides IP54 protection for the system in harsh environments. The high voltage cable and cooling hoses are also sheathed for better protection and are available in a maximum length of 20 meters - enough reach for the most inaccessible applications.

Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile 160 can be operated from 5 kV up to maximum operation voltage with a current range of 0.5 mA to 10 mA. The system, including the X-ray tube, offers the best ratio of usable power to weight.

Compared to portable X-ray generators, the exposure time can be reduced by more than 50% - especially with low-density materials (such as aluminum, composites and plastics).

The modern, compact electronics are responsible for this, which minimizes the weight and, together with a robust metal-ceramic X-ray tube, offers a high output power with extremely low ripple ±1% - available with directional and panoramic X-ray tubes.

In film and digital radiography-based weld inspection, a smaller focal spot diameter down to 0.4 mm can also allow better geometric magnification.

Seifert ISOVOLT Mobile 160 can be controlled via the control, via a remote control or via an interface with PC-based tools. The generators are compatible with Waygate Technologies’ leading acquisition software Rhythm Insight RT, so that it can be operated within a system with a computer and detector – all from a single source.

The control features a user interface with simple graphic visualization and menu-driven operation in around 20 languages.

A built-in exposure calculator is used to determine the optimal exposure settings and further reduce exposure times with the unique power mode function (automatic calculation and adoption of the maximum tube current to minimize exposure times).

The low power consumption reduces energy costs and facilitates operation with portable power supplies.

Product Features
  • High X-ray dose with up to 50% shorter exposure times compared to portable X-ray systems
  • High output power with extremely low ripple ±1% and with best-in-class image quality even with low-density materials (such as aluminum, composites and plastics)
  • Higher Productivity
  • Robust design to reliably bring performance with sufficient range to the most inaccessible positions even in the most adverse environmental conditions
  • Compatible with Waygate Technologies' leading acquisition software, Rhythm Insight RT, allowing for one-stop operation with computer and detector
  • Easiest operation in around 20 languages ​​and with supporting functions such as calculating the optimum exposure
  • Metal/ceramic technology tubes available with directional X-ray tubes with different focal spot dimensions and outputs as well as panoramic
  • High-voltage cables and the cooling hoses are also sheathed for better protection and are available in a maximum length of 20 meters
  • Built-in water-cooling enables 100% duty cycle at 30°C
  • Compact and robust design for operation in harsh environments (IP54)
  • Low power consumption allows flexible operation with portable power supplies
  • Extensive range of accessories, including tripods, remote control, etc.


Power Generation

Oil & Gas



Directional Exposure

  • MCD 100-H3:   100 kV, max. 1,500 W, 3 mm
  • ISOVOLT 160MM2/HP:   160 kV, 2x focal spots each: max. 800 W, 0.4 mm and max. 1,800 W, 1 mm
  • ISOVOLT 160M2/0.4-0.4:   160 kV, 2x focal spots each: max. 640 W, 1 mm
  • ISOVOLT 160M2/0.4-0.4HP:   160 kV, 2x focal spots each: max. 1,000 W, 1 mm
  • ISOVOLT 160M2/0.4-1.5:   160 kV, 2x focal spots: max. 640 W, 1 mm and max. 1,600 W, 3 mm

Panoramic Exposure

  • MCR 120A-2.5120 kV, max. 360 W, 2.5 mm
  • ISOVOLT 160 MC 2160 kV, max. 1,000 W, 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm
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