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It goes without saying that it is important to upgrade inspection systems on a continuous basis. In fact, sourcing and implementing the latest NDT ultrasonic upgrades are necessary steps to ensure reliability and optimal performance.

Though its performance may have historically met testing standards, any system approaching technical obsolescence is not equipped to provide the same level of data access, analysis, and monitoring capabilities as the systems available in our portfolio of newer product offerings. Neglecting to upgrade an ultrasonic testing machine can be detrimental to plantwide output and performance. We offer NDT ultrasonic upgrades for a variety of Krautkrämer branded products to keep your outputs consistent.

In addition to performance, ensuring your system is in good standing and conforming to the ever-changing compliance standard is paramount. However, it should come as no surprise that, though essential, an upgrade to an inspection system can be a tedious process.

By futureproofing your system with essential NDT ultrasonic upgrades, you can greatly reduce the risk of plantwide downtime and ultimately profit from the latest developments in ultrasonic instrumentation and software.

Ultrasonic system upgrades are a significantly less expensive alternative to purchasing a new machine in order to keep up with increasing competition and regulatory requirements for physical assets management, machine protection, and device reliability/availability.

How it Works

We don't believe in the "one size fits all" approach. Your Waygate Technologies sales contact will work with you and our expert team to assess your current system and requirements. We then use that data to partner with you as we structure a customized solution set that fits your individual needs. Once we've identified the necessary NDT ultrasonic upgrade(s), our expert installation team will arrive onsite to install and implement the upgrade to your radiography system.

Our Expertise. Your Peace of Mind.

Our highly qualified installation teams remain onsite to ensure the upgrade to your ultrasonic testing machine is working to full function. With individualized support teams at your service, you can rest easy knowing you are maximizing the output of your equipment.

Need flexibility? Ask us about our scalable Supporting Service Agreement (SSA) and Remote Service Agreement (RSA) options to ensure the fastest response times when there's no downtime to spare.

Waygate Technologies is an international leader in NDT with the largest global supply chain, providing all the high-quality products and services you need without the risks associated with third party suppliers. The benefits of an NDT ultrasonic upgrade from Waygate Technologies include:

  • Access to a global service structure including remote support
  • On-site systems certification with experienced specialists
  • Needs are thoroughly assessed by ultrasonic testing machine experts
  • Increased productivity through industry-leading phased array technology
  • Reduced operating costs with a quick implantation, fewer spare parts and significantly less sustaining and maintenance efforts
  • Prolong the lifetime of equipment by replacing obsolete devices
  • Reduced risk of unexpected downtime due to failed components
  • Maintain compliance with NDT standards to satisfy your audit needs
The Waygate Promise.

Waygate Technologies is an international leader in NDT with the largest global supply chain, providing all the high-quality products and services you need without the risks associated with third party suppliers. We've been delivering peace of mind to the world's infrastructure for over 70 years. The legacy of our Krautkrämer brand is a testament to the confidence you've come to expect from our products. Our seamless process effectively integrates your existing system with the latest NDT ultrasonic upgrades-making your overall output consistent and efficient.

Will the machine operate the same post-upgrade?

The machine works and operates in the same way post-upgrade…or even better! The existing application configuration will not be changed. The new application software will function the same as the existing one, though some of our upgrades come with an enhanced user experience. New features applicable to the system’s application will be explained. You will also receive training during commissioning of the upgrade.

Can I still use the existing UT probes/transducers?

Yes. If needed, the appropriate interface boards and/or adapters will be supplied by Waygate Technologies.

What’s the maximum downtime of the machine during upgrade?

Depending on the upgrade scope of supply and the machine configuration, the typical estimated system downtime can be 1 to 3 weeks.

Can the existing interfaces continue to be used?

Yes, in general the existing interface will be changed. The new UT electronic will be configured to operate with the originally established interfaces.

How do you evaluate the system post-upgrade?

Before the upgrade is performed, the existing system will be checked and thoroughly evaluated by Waygate Technologies’ service and engineering experts. Once upgraded, the system will be checked again and the results will be compared. Waygate Technologies guarantees that the system performance will the same or better than before the upgrade.

How long will the new UT instrumentation electronic last?

The upgrade scope of supply includes our latest UT electronic which is used in our current testing machines. We are continuously reviewing life cycle data and will communicate any impactful changes with you.

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