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Inspection and NDT solutions for the oil and gas industry

Waygate Technologies partners with leaders in the oil and gas industry to simplify complex inspections, improve productivity and make refineries safer. Bring the utmost confidence to every inspection with industry-leading NDT solutions ranging from field-tested flaw detectors, to lightweight yet rugged scanners, to state-of-the-art inspection software.

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We simplify complex inspections, improve productivity, and make facilities safer

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High cost & risk of defect

A defect exposed during the operation of an oil well, LNG plant, pipeline or other O&G facility can have very high risk to life, cost, and brand damage.

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Un-planned repairs are expensive to deploy

Availability and uptime is crucial and managing maintenance is key ... Unplanned down can cost millions of USD per day.

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Remote access and operation

Different and complex equipment from plants, pipelines, turbomachinery, etc. requiring different level of service and NDT solutions.

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Health and Safety

Inspection of equipment in high risk areas, pressure containing equipment, and confined spaces need to be done without need of personnel.


From confined spaces & inaccessible areas inspection, to corrosion & erosion monitoring, rotating equipment and weld inspection

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Technologies made for your industry challenges

Advanced Inspections

Waygate Technologies is always building on experience to create innovative, multi-modal technical inspection solutions to maintain the productivity and profitability of your facility. These advanced applications allow us to gather inspection data from areas that used to be inaccessible and visualize them in ways never seen before. 

Confined Spaces & Inaccessible Areas

Throughout the state-of-the-art factories and plants across all industries, are complex, dangerous, and even impossible areas to inspect, that are crucial to their productivity. Specialized RVI devices offer a non-intrusive alternative that not only alleviate inspection limitations on areas like piping, tanks, and turbines, but offer higher quality analysis, in real time.

Corrosion & Erosion

Identify corrosion and erosion risks before they impact your operation with a full range of advanced solutions from Waygate Technologies, from thickness gauges to tank annular plate scanning and Predictive Corrosion Management.

Data Management & Analytics

When time is your most valuable asset, we want to help you make the most of it. Our InspectionWorks Software Platform helps you transform inspections from a necessary cost to a critical flow of data enabling better product design and optimization.


Detecting flaws both during fabrication and in service is critical to safety. Waygate Technologies has been trusted by the oil and gas industry for decades to deliver outstanding performance by combining a tremendous depth of application expertise with the fastest and most capable ultrasonic instrumentation available today.

Tank Inspection

We offer non-intrusive, above ground tank inspection services and superior analysis in order to prevent crisis response. Our inspections don’t require any preparation and provide relatively instant data throughout the nearly two days it takes to perform. This not only provides clarity on the spot but saves producers millions each year in return. After undergoing rigorous field-testing, our technology is proven to help you protect the key-points of your tanks structure, and stick to the key dates on your schedule.

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