Calibration and Evaluation Service for CR-Systems
Boost your productivity and precision by ASTM / ISO / EN compliant qualification of Computed Radiography (CR) scanners

Periodic calibration and performance evaluation service enables process control and long-term stability of a CR system. Waygate Technologies offers calibration and evaluation of our CRxFlex Industrial CR Scanners and CRxVision High Resolution CR Scanners, ensuring conformity to international standards and fulfilling inspection requirements.

During a one-day site service, the fundamental parameters of CR systems will be measured to determine baseline performance and to track the long-term stability of the system. Performed tests with our calibrating equipment enable customers to monitor the system performance degradation and identify actions to be taken when the system degrades by a certain level. Well performing and maintained systems reduce downtime and rework in case of rejected parts because of unknown image artefacts. Useful combination to this calibration equipment service is our periodic maintenance program.


Exact mechanical movement of the phosphor image plate during scan and for some scanner types the cassette opening mechanism needs to be checked and adjusted to ensure proper operation and to avoid blocking of the system. Next to adjustments of stepper motors, the shading effect of the laser line needs to be calibrated to produce a correct image according the real x-ray exposure. Image artefacts related to the scanner can be identified and mitigated to ensure correct inspection and detection of defect indications.

Performance Evaluation

Customers in Oil & Gas or Aerospace need to ensure inspection according to norms like ASTM / ISO / EN. Baseline for a good inspection quality and performance is a correct image read-out of the digitizer scanner. Different image quality indicators can be used to check scanner typical values and identify wear on the hardware that hides the visibility of defects, even if the regular IQI tests during inspection shifts are within normal limits.

Calibration Service FAQ's
Does this service replace the periodic maintenance service?

No, periodic maintenance intervention should be done upfront to avoid a bad evaluation result caused by wear of internal components. Depending on the age and use of the system, please feel free to request an individual combined service to reduce cost and downtime.

What if a defect shows up during the evaluation service?

Depending on the time consumption and circumstances, quick solvable errors will be fixed if possible. Additional repair work and parts will be offered separately. We suggest submitting known errors and untypical behavior of the system upfront so that the service intervention does not have to be canceled.

Can I send the system for calibration and/or evaluation?

Yes. To avoid downtime, loaner units are available.

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