Introducing FLEX, a new managed equipment services subscription by Waygate Technologies for our remote visual inspection equipment line. FLEX enables you to buy guaranteed RVI equipment uptime instead of owning and maintaining the equipment yourself. With top-of-the-line remote visual inspection equipment from Waygate Technologies, your team will have what they need when and where they need it – including new equipment with each contract upgrade. Choose an inspection kit to meet your needs and get peace of mind with assured availability for a predictable price. 

With each kit comes a license of InspectionWorks Connect and InspectionWorks Insight. InspectionWorks is an agnostic software platform that combines data from multiple non-destructive testing (NDT) tools, connects the entire inspection history of your asset and enables you to add inspection insights to a digital twin throughout its lifecycle. This turns your data into a tool for faster and better decisions, ultimately saving costs and enabling a more competitive product. Learn more.

See how it works:

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Pick a system & term

Choose your remote visual inspection system, accessories, quantity and subscribe to FLEX for 36-60 Months.

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Get it delivered

Our remote visual inspection system(s) are delivered to your facility per your requirements. We serve all global locations.

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Inspect fully covered

Inspection kits come included with all repairs, up to 24-hour replacements, in-person and remote training, and technical support.

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Return with ease

When your term ends, you can either buy back the equipment or return and upgrade to our newest equipment.

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Contact Us

If you’re interested in starting a FLEX subscription or have any questions, contact us.

Additional Services

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Rental Equipment

If you need a solution to unexpected downtime we have a variety of rental equipment to choose from that will get your operations back up and running. We also offer both short and long term rentals to meet your needs.

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IW Insight (connect results from multiple inspections and sources to your asset model) and IW Connect (view live inspections happening around the globe to instantly help on-site personnel make smarter decisions, faster) are included in the offer.

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Advanced Inspection Solutions

With our highly-trained personnel and our broad product portfolio, we are able to respond to your problems and find a custom solution.

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Equipment Repairs

When equipment needs servicing, we'll get it back to you faster – and make sure the job is done right.

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Technical Support

Our team of experts are committed to answering your technical support questions and providing you with the support you need. They are available to assist you anytime.

Discover the pain-free way for Remote Visual Inspection
Always use the latest industry-leading equipment

With FLEX, your team uses the latest remote visual inspection equipment from Waygate Technologies every day. Your kit includes cutting-edge technology like the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ the world’s first ruggedly portable, HD and Real3D measurement-enabled video borescope system. With every contract renewal you’ll be upgraded to our newest equipment.

Simplify the way you do Remote Visual Inspection

FLEX subscriptions include remote visual inspection equipment use, maintenance, repairs, and training all in one annual fee, so you have everything you need. With FLEX, you don’t have to deal with multiple PO’s and unexpected purchasing hassles or worry about maintaining and repairing equipment.

Take the pain out of repairs

FLEX makes dealing with unexpected equipment downtime a painless process (yes, really). You notify us that your equipment needs servicing and we immediately send you an identically tested replacement — no PO’s required.

Get the training and support you need

Don’t have the time or resources to train new team members on RVI equipment? With the FLEX program, we provide expert visual inspection training when and where you need it. We can do training at your facility. Or you can take advantage of one of our global training centers where you’ll get the chance to talk to video borescope experts and take hands-on classes.

Do it all for a lower overall cost

With FLEX, you’ll save money compared to the cost of replacing, maintaining and repairing hardware that you own. You’ll have the certainty of a predictable payment. And you will be able to count inspection as an operating expense instead of a capital expense.

Frequently asked questions
What is Flex?

FLEX is an RVI subscription service from Waygate Technologies. It’s a new commercial model that enables you to purchase guaranteed RVI equipment availability instead of owning and maintaining the equipment yourself.

How FLEX works

We’ll customize an inspection kit that fits your specific RVI needs. If you need repairs, we immediately deploy an identical kit to you to minimize downtime.

What does my FLEX subscription include?
What if I need additional equipment?

Adding equipment is easy. Talk with your sales representative to learn more about our flexible offerings and how this will affect your current subscription fee.

Can I trade in the equipment I currently own?

Yes, we offer a trade-in program for your current fleet of RVI equipment to facilitate your transition to FLEX.

How much does it cost?

You pay for FLEX with an annual subscription payment. Contact us to discuss pricing and learn how you can reduce your overall RVI cost of ownership with FLEX.

How do I get started?

Contact your local sales representative to learn more about ensuring availability with FLEX.

Talk to an expert

Get in touch with one of our Waygate Technologies subject matter experts.

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