UT Supporting Service Agreement
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Proactive Care for your installation using custom-tailored ultrasonic testing service offerings to fit your business need.

Our Supporting Service Agreements are tailor-made service programs designed to maximize the value of your investment. The main goal is to support the life cycle of your machines by increasing uptime and reliability and lowering operating costs. We make sure that your system is properly maintained and optimally used through ultrasonic testing. Our global field and remote service teams respond in a timely manner to assist you when you are in trouble. Whatever your need, we'll work with you to find a solution that meets your business goals.

Waygate Technologies is offering several Supporting Service Agreements for standard products and testing machines.


Choose Your Service Level Option
UT Standard Products

Our Supporting Service Agreement offers three types of contracts to meet your needs. The service contract for regular calibration (1 year or 2 year basis) is offered in different versions:

  • Basic = calibration according to manufacturer standard
  • Basic EN = calibration according to appropriate EN-standard (EN 12668/ISO 22232.1, EN 15317)
  • Extended = including free loan instrument during calibration period


UT Testing Machines

Peace of mind is always having an expert to call on to make sure you're getting the most out of your UTTM equipment. Ask us about our scalable Supporting Service Agreement (SSA) options to ensure the fastest response times to get you back up and running when there's no downtime to spare. Regardless of your industry, an SSA can be structured to meet your business objectives. Basically, our SSA options are multi-year contracts structured in 3 service levels.

  1. Essential - includes remote service and annual UT instrument certification
  2. Advanced - additional probe certification, system inspection, regular mechanical maintenance and immediate on-site support
  3. Premium - additional preventive maintenance and overall machine certification according to industry standards


Benefits of Service
  • Regular service leads to longer lifetime of instrument and reduced repair cost and machine downtime
  • Discounted calibration price
  • Prioritization: return of instrument within maximum of 5 days
  • No freight charge for return of instrument
  • Proactive reminder when instrument is due for calibration


The Importance of Maintenance Programs for Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing machines must be checked regularly to meet industry and quality standards. Waygate Technologies therefore offers its customers various packages tailored to their needs, which allow the status of the machine to be checked at defined times in order to be able to identify and correct defects in a timely manner.

With preventive maintenance, defects and impending machine damage can be detected in real time, thus reducing downtimes and keeping resulting production losses to a minimum. Should the machine come to an unplanned downtime, experts from our global field and remote service teams are available within the agreed response times so that your systems can resume operations as quickly as possible.

Standards support quality assurance and serve, among other things, for the safe operation of machines and quality improvement. For this reason, testing machines must also be checked regularly - mostly annually - for various industry standards, e.g., to meet the requirements of audits or the like. Waygate Technologies offers these periodic reviews to its customers as part of its SSA options. In doing so, we cater to the individual needs of our customers and arrange tailor-made packages in our SSA contracts, from annual electronics re-certifications to complete system certifications, depending on customer requirements.

Q & A of our Supporting Service Agreement Program
How do I receive service?

Guidelines for smooth process and minimum turnaround-time:

  • Ask for an RMA # (Return Material Authorization) before sending your instrument
  • Address your request to: waygate.service.utsp@bakerhughes.com
  • Put label outside of your box
  • Send PO asap with calibration price as per contract

In case a repair or a spare part is required, we will send you an offer for approval.

Can I send more than one instrument per RMA #?

Yes, please communicate this upfront, so the RMA can be issued accordingly.

Can I send several RMA #’s in one shipment?

Yes, only 1 label is required outside of the box, but please put all RMA sheets inside.

Can I use an RMA # several times?

No, a new shipment always requires a new RMA #.

Can the calibration service be done at my facility?

Yes, depending on the quantity of instruments and which calibration is needed. Please ask for an offer. Please email here: waygate.service.utsp@bakerhughes.com

Do I need to ship the UT instrument for re-certification?

Not necessarily. For the inhouse services we're offering on-site certification using our mobile CERT-2 system.

What about your reaction time when I’m in trouble?

Our global remote and field service teams located all over the world are available to support you without huge delay, even though we may be in different time zones.

Is it necessary to renew an SSA contract every year?

No, we're offering multi-year contracts for up to 5 years duration.

Do I need an SSA for each machine I have?

Not necessarily, we're offering solutions for multiple systems at different locations.

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