Front view of the Mentor Flex video borescope with new 3D Stereo Stitching feature on screen.
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With mounting demand to get inspections done quicker and cheaper, without compromising the accuracy of the results, most equipment can’t withstand the pressure. Combining portability with military-grade durability, the Everest Mentor Flex answers the call with the features you always wished you’d had for the tasks that demand it — all to help you make smart decisions, fast.

Technician inspecting turbine engine with the best mid-range video borescope, Everest Mentor Flex.
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OS 1.7 software has officially launched for the Everest Mentor Flex video borescope. Now 3D Stereo is available with Real3D Stereo Measurement, your Mentor Flex can generate a fully-surfaced 3D point cloud representation of the asset that makes it easier to analyze and measure the defect you've spotted. This update also features Push2IW which automates your data upload process by automatically sending images and data from your video borescope to the InspectionWorks cloud, and interchangeable small diameter probes.

Get an in-depth look at these new tools in the Features section below.


  • A Wide XGA touchscreen display with improved brightness and viewing angles lets you see more, so you can increase the probability of detection. 
  • Intuitive user interface and Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) speed up the workflow with digital tools for auto image tagging and report generation, so inspectors can consistently deliver results with confidence. 
  • Advanced mechanical design enables increased articulation range and extended life to ensure thorough inspections of the entire asset in less time.
  • Wireless video streaming and data transfer to iOS and Android devices powered by InspectionWorks.
  • Real3D Stereo Measurement provides accurate and precise defect assessment through the use of a 3D point cloud.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) optimizes image quality in scenes with shiny surfaces.
  • Always up to date with easy wireless upgrades and software releases.

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Everest Mentor Flex Videoscope Features
Wide XGA (WXGA) Touchscreen Display

Visible Confidence

Complete inspections with unrivaled TrueSight™ image clarity, housed on a large 5.8” WXGA (Wide XGA) LCD screen with Gorilla® Glass. Industry-leading light output means clearer images and more accurate assessments. Because when you can see clearly, you increase the probability of detection, speed up inspection workflow and deliver results with confidence.

theia everest mentor flex
Intuitive User Interface

Point to What You Need

The Everest Mentor Flex’s virtual keyboard enables 300% faster annotation, and its multi-point touchscreen provides pinch-to-zoom as well as swipe and pan gesture functionality. Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) empowers inspectors with auto-image smart tagging and automatic report generation, plus customizable user profiles and an embedded help menu. Last, but certainly not least, InspectionWorks Connect takes inspections to the future with wireless video streaming and file transfer to iOS devices over dual-band Wi-Fi.

theia everest mentor flex point finger screen
Innovative Articulation

Powerful and Responsive

In any industry, time is money. With an upgraded articulation design founded on high-power steering motors, the Everest Mentor Flex allows technicians to effortlessly navigate even the most challenging inspection paths, resulting in less time spent searching and more time spent capturing and analyzing indications —  at a fraction of the time and cost. Two and a half times more torque than today’s motors provides an increase of 42% in articulation range.  And 16% less friction gives an ultra-responsive feel while extending articulation over the life of the product.

articulation everest mentor flex theia
Unmatched Image Processing

Detect the Undetectable

All cameras apply Gamma Correction, but Dark Boost assesses the content of scenes and intelligently adjusts levels to digitally brighten darker areas — for instance, those with bright foreground surfaces or glare — without overexposing or degrading the contrast of more uniform scenes. Similarly, wide fields of view with some tip optics can cause an image to appear to be curved at the edges or have a “fish eye” appearance. This distortion can be so great that the edges of turbine blades or other objects being inspected may appear bent. With Distortion Correction, the Mentor Everest Flex automatically corrects this and flattens the edges of the image, thereby enabling wide field-of-view optics without the inaccuracies. Together with High Dynamic Range, these features provide high-quality images that show not only textures but flaws and defects that were previously undetectable. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a technique that combines multiple images captured with different exposure levels into a single image to improve visibility of both very bright and very dark areas. When you can see clearly, you increase the probability of detection, speed up inspection workflow, and deliver results with confidence.

FAQ-Image_350x300_Detect the Undetectable.jpg theia everest mentor flex
Military-Grade Durability

Redefine Ruggedness

Constructed with military-grade magnesium housing (MIL-STD) and tested by a third party to withstand the rigors of the industrial workplace, you can trust your Everest Mentor Flex borescope to deliver top performance in even the harshest environmental conditions.

Standard compliance and classifications:

  • MIL-STD-810H United States Department of Defense Environment Tests Sections 501.7, 502.7, 506.6, 507.6, 509.7, 510.7, 511.7, 514.8, 516.8, 521.4
  • MIL-STD-461G United States Department of Defense - Electromagnetic Compatibility with RE102 and RS103 - ABOVE DECK
    • Protected against: 
      • Drops, 4 ft. (1.2m) on steel surface
      • Blowing and freezing rain
      • Vibration
      • High humidity
      • Dust and salt fog
  • Standards compliance Group 1 Class A; EN61326-1, IEC CB Scheme, UL/EN/CASE-C22.2 61010-1, IEC 62133, UN/DOT T1-T8, EU RoHS 2, EU RED Directive, ISTA 2G
  • IP rating: IP65 (assembled), IP55 (disassembled)
Rugged Everest mentor flex
Digital Tools and Connectivity

Cloud Connectivity and InspectionWorks

InspectionWorks is a software platform which provides a suite of digital tools used to make inspections consistent and more efficient, while turning inspection data into a tool for faster and better decisions.

  • InspectionWorks Connect provides collaboration and real-time access to experts.
  • InspectionWorks Insight is a comprehensive data management and inspection database enabling global access to data and analytics. With Push2IW, data is automatically pushed to the cloud during the inspection to streamline data management and ensure against lost data.
  • InspectionWorks Store, Public and Private, provides access to workflows and reference libraries. The Public stores contains manuals, analytic data sheets, MDI templates, and other reference materials. The Private store is available to share with members of your InspectionWorks account and distribute custom MDI workflows, reference documents, or any other resources your team may need. 
FAQ-Image_350x300_Visible Confidence
Sub 3mm Interchangeable Probes

Inspecting small spaces is easier than ever with the only interchangeable small diameter probes on the market. Now, there’s no need to carry a second device if a smaller probe is needed. You can 2.2 or 3mm probes, right on your Everest Mentor Flex — saving time, hassle, and money.


3mm probe product image
How do I know which video borescope will fit my application?

Our support team offers consultations to help you figure out which borescope will best fit your inspection device needs. Contact one of our experts.

How does the rental process work with this borescope?

We work to get you your rental equipment fast, so you can lower your downtime. Learn more about our rental programs here.

What is TrueSight™ Imaging?

TrueSight™ provides a blend of high-resolution image capturing and processing functions, precision optics, and a powerful suite of proprietary image transforms used to enable better inspection decisions.

Difference between the XL Flex+ and Everest Mentor Flex?

The Everest Mentor Flex offers a larger higher resolution display, a multi-point touch screen, wireless video streaming and file transfer, an extended 3-hour battery run time, more powerful and responsive probe articulation, and TrueSight Imaging.

What types of digital connectivity are supported?

The Mentor Flex offers dual band WiFi connectivity. An auxiliary display may be connected via the HDMI digital video interface. There are two USB 2.0 host ‘A’ ports. An iOS iPhone or iPad may be connected wired or wirelessly to the Mentor Flex for data transfer or as a remote monitor.

What is the difference between the MViQ and Mentor Flex video borescopes?

The MViQ offers HD imaging capability, analytics, Real3D Phase measurements, and a 6.2mm working channel.

Video Borescope Add-ons

The Visual Care Plan (VCP) is a comprehensive service plan intended to help you decrease video borescope downtime, save on repairs, conserve assets, and maintain peace of mind. Our VCP includes: Prioritized repair response; Yearly preventative maintenance; Discounted accessories, repairs, and upgrades; And training credits.

The FLEX service lets you buy guaranteed RVI equipment uptime instead of owning and maintaining the equipment yourself. Choose an inspection kit to meet your needs and get peace of mind with assured availability for a predictable price. It has: All the benefits included in the Visual Care Plan; Flexible subscription terms (36-60months); Immediate deployment of spare system during repair; And repairs for both leased and owned equipment.

Learn more about the Visual Care Plan

Learn more about FLEX

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