Ultrasonic Testing Equipment Repair

As the world's leading non-destructive testing (NDT) solution provider, including ultrasonic inspection, Waygate Technologies is known for delivering high-quality innovative solutions to the industry with ultrasonic testing in the field. Waygate Technologies offers a variety of services to enhance the benefits of our industrial technologies so you can operate them with confidence knowing that your units are backed by industry experts.

With service onsite, we come to you to keep your plant up and running smoothly. We offer re-certification, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. We'll send our professional, qualified field service staff to your site, reducing machine downtime vs. sending your equipment to our Waygate repair facility which may cost you more time and potential revenue.

Express service is available upon request, so if you have an urgent need, we can help. Alternatively, if needed, rental boards are readily available to bridge the time until a service engineer is able to come to your site.

Here are some guidelines to help facilitate the process and speed up the total turn-around time of your service event:

  • For system issues/a machine down event: contact Remote Services via RemoteService@BakerHughes.com or the regional phone number. Our Remote Service experts will do a first diagnosis, and when an onsite visit is required, they will guide you through the next steps.
  • For calibration service, please provide the calibration-standard you are requiring for your business. In addition, please provide the serial number of your device/module/probe and the project number of the testing machine.
  • For planned visits (maintenance, re-certifications, calibrations), please schedule an intervention with our back-office teams:


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Field Service Ultrasonic Testing Q&A
My machine is down. Can someone come to my site?

Connect with our Remote Support experts. They troubleshoot over the phone. They can initiate a Field Service Engineer to be sent to your site, prepped with all information and recommendations from Remote trouble shooting. In order to be well prepared for any time critical system-down event, we strongly recommend having a Remote Service Agreement in place with us which enables us to help you instantly.

Can the electronics certifications be done at my facility?

Yes. We can perform onsite certifications to the following norms:

UT Testing Machine Electronic Specification
Hector USIP|xs PAC ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
Hector USIPxs-PAC-CV Eco-line ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
Hector USIPxs-CV Pro.Line ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
USIP|xx PA64;PA64-RX; PA64-RX ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PA4-Standard ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2, AITM_6-0016_2014-10_5 and Boeing BSS7052
PA4-Mod. Pulser ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PA4-Plate ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
PM3.76.xx;PM3.75.xx ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
VPA GEN3 ISO 18563-1:2015 Group 2
AMB.16.32 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
UTX.72.45 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2 and AITM_6-0013_2014-10_6
UTX.50.xx; UTX.60.xx ; UTX.55.xx ; UTX.71.xx ; UTX.72.xx ; UTX.75.xx ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
VIS VCB ; VCB MUX ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2
USIP40 ISO 22232-1:2020 Group2, AMS 2630, ASTM E-317, ASTM B594, BSS7052, BSS7055, BAC 5439, AMS-STD 2154, CSTI006 and P.S. 21211
Can the probe calibration be done onsite at my facility?

Probe calibrations require measurement devices and tools that we can only operate inside our Waygate facilities. Therefore, this cannot be performed in the field. To initiate our In-House Service, please request an RMA-Number by following this link: https://store.bakerhughesds.com/home or contacting our back-office teams.


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