With power, communication and commands managed through e-line cable deployment, electrohydraulic tractors are designed to convey downhole technology to a target depth in highly deviated or horizontal wells. Logging while Tractoring (LwT) functionality is available when passenger tool data acquisition is required during tractor conveyance in highly deviated wells

Light on equipment, footprint and personnel, tractor technology enables interventions less intrusive to the reservoir, the well and surface support infrastructure.



Redefining what’s possible


Advances in tool design and engineering, coupled with instrumentation, real-time operational visibility and control, and connectivity beyond the wellsite are all delivering huge value to our clients.


Drawing of the e-line tractor tool.

Standard PowerTrac models.
Enhanced PowerTrac models.
Transformed PowerTrac models.

Outstanding track record

PowerTrack track record infographic.
PRIME Tractor track record infographic.
Drawing of a tractor tool.

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E-line deployed tractor conveyance