We offer an industry leading portfolio of drillable and retrievable bridge plugs that have proven their efficiency and reliability over many decades.

Our drillable bridge plugs can be conveyed by threaded pipe, coiled tubing, or wireline setting tools depending on your operational needs. Drillable bridge plugs are ideal for a wide range of applications including multi-zone isolation, multi-zone stimulation, and major plug-and-abandonment work. These versatile and dependable plugs will cut your costs and increase the efficiency of your isolation or plugging operations.

Our retrievable bridge plugs are ideal for many types of pressure-pumping operations where a secure, retrievable pressure barrier is essential. These tools are flexible with cost-saving deployment options. Many eliminate the need for multiple trips, which saves time and money. Their safe and highly reliable operation will reduce or eliminate plugging risks while minimizing casing damage. 

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Bridge plugs