• Shuts off upon onset of gas or water breakthrough
  • Resists erosion and offers full compatibility with a wide range of screens
  • Requires no interaction from surface thanks to autonomous operation

  • Remedial operations
  • Producing oil wells with higher gas content
  • Wells experiencing the onset of water breakthrough



Prevent unwanted free-gas and water breakthrough in your production string with the Thru-Tubing EQUALIZER LIFT™ autonomous inflow control device (AICD) from Baker Hughes. The device quickly responds to changing flow rates and fluid properties, ensuring optimal production from your well.


Get assured gas and water shutoff

When low-viscosity fluids such as gas and water pass the EQUALIZER LIFT AICD at high rates, the local pressure drops and creates an imbalance force that lifts a floating inflow control disc. As it lifts, the disc squeezes the flowing fluid up to instantaneously block the source.

The pressure then rebuilds inside the nozzle, creating a force that pushes the disc downward. The disc reaches a maximum gap where the imbalance force once again is generated to lift the disc back up.

This process repeats automatically, generating a knocking sound that will gradually disappear as more viscous fluids—in particular crude oil—enter the AICD.

The net result—a significant restriction in gas/water that must be handled at surface and greater recovery rates of more oil.


Improve well operability and economics

When properly distributed along the wellbore of your heterogeneous formations, the EQUALIZER LIFT AICD delivers tangible benefits including:

  • Equalizing the in/out-flow pattern
  • Promoting uniform formation drainage
  • Improving productivity
  • Reducing surface installation costs for processing unwanted fluids

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