Ensure effective and economical through-tubing restimulation with tension-set packers from Baker Hughes. The resettable packer enables precise, successive treatment of individual clusters by providing zonal isolation from above, while using specially designed fluid plugs or sand to isolate from below. With our tension-set packers, you get cost-effective restimulation to extend your well’s profitable production.


Targeted treatments through detailed design  

For your restimulation applications, our experts work with you to design an optimal treatment program based on a thorough review of historical production data and analysis of the well’s production contribution profile. This ensures that restimulation treatments are targeted to those clusters that may have been untreated or undertreated during the initial stimulation.

Fluid rates and volumes are pre-modeled and then monitored in real time during the job, which ensures that fracture treatments are properly timed and delivered. The packer’s enlarged tool inner diameter (ID) does not create flow restrictions when deployed with coiled tubing sizes up to 2-7⁄8 in. As a result, you can achieve high pump rates of high-concentration sand slurries for further stimulation effectiveness of individual zones.

The packer is deployed on coiled tubing (CT) and set above the cluster to be treated, creating mechanical isolation from the top down. The stimulation treatment is then pumped down through the CT and packer and into the first cluster. During restimulation jobs, the treatment may be pumped into the formation through the original perforations, which saves time and money by eliminating a dedicated tubing-conveyed-perforating run.

After treating the first zone, a precisely calculated fluid plug or sand diverter is pumped to isolate the wellbore area below the packer. With the wellbore effectively isolated, the packer is unset, moved uphole to the next cluster, and the process is repeated until all desired clusters have been treated. Once all fracture treatments are complete, the well is cleaned out with the coiled tubing in place. An unloader on top of the packer has ports designed to clean the area above the packer. An emergency release sub is also included to release and disengage the packer should the tool get stuck.

Thanks to its rugged, reliable design, you can set and unset the tension-set packer more than 60 times, ensuring precise and thorough wellbore coverage in a single trip. The packer’s ability to individually treat your targeted clusters reduces your fluid and hydraulic horsepower requirements by more than 30% compared to plug-and-perf completions.

Ultimately, our tension-set packer gives you a more targeted and environmentally responsible solution to extend the production of your unconventional wells while reducing your rig time and surface requirements.

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