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Our vectored annular cleaning system (VACS™) technology effectively recovers debris or junk in openhole or cased hole for reduced project risk and minimized formation damage. This is the most reliable and cost-effective wellbore cleanup solution to ensure the integrity of your completion/production work.

When a condition, such as poor circulation, prevents you from using conventional well cleaning methods, call us to restore your well to optimal performance. VACS technology clears debris and junk when other methods don’t work.

Whether the debris and junk range from cuttings, sand, or shavings to drilling cones, bits, and hand tools, you can rely on our wellbore cleaning recommendations. Combine our VACS technology, prejob planning service, and global experience for downhole debris and junk management solutions that save you time and money in your most challenging applications.

Field-proven VACSPredictor™ VACS prejob planning software optimizes the operation parameters with a downhole pressure and flow-rate profile.

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