Thank you for making Annual Meeting 2021 a huge success!

This 22nd edition of Baker Hughes’ annual thought leadership forum was the first to be held virtually. It brought together energy leaders from around the globe, sharing their candid views on the tough issues we face today—and how we can move energy forward, together.

AM2021 Energy Forward
Embracing change & inspired by it

Energy Forward

COVID-19 forcing us to produce a virtual event was a salient reminder that change is inevitable. The energy industry has powered the world through upheaval and change time and time again. Now, we must find ways to provide safer, cleaner, and more efficient energy—to lead the quest to net zero.

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The trajectory of the industry, the application of technology and digital solutions, and the role of public and private partnerships in bringing energy forward.
What is possible with new forms of energy and new ways of thinking and working within the industry, including ESG and the future of work.
We're all learning to live, adapt, and grow despite COVID-19. In this environment, a renewed focus on technology and collaboration is critical to enabling both current and future challenges to be overcome.

Two days of thought leadership

Event highlights

This year’s Annual Meeting focused on three key themes to take energy forward: rethink, redefine, and renew. Through these lenses, we can view change as an opportunity to transform operations across industries and lead in decarbonization.

RETHINK: The new map: energy, climate, and the clash of the nations with Dan Yergin, Vice Chairman, IHS Markit

RENEW: A dialogue with Bob Dudley, Chairman of OGCI and former CEO of BP

REDEFINE: Accelerating the transition with Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft